Why Clumio

Unlocking the Promise of the Cloud

Clumio has reimagined enterprise backup and recovery, taking full advantage of the scale, economics, and elasticity of the public cloud to give you a new and game changing backup experience. Clumio eliminates the complexity of managing infrastructure, on-premise and in the cloud, to deliver secure and authentic SaaS.

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Authentic SaaS Benefits

Easy to Manage

Knock Out Complex Backup Infrastructure

Traditional approaches to backup and recovery, even those claiming to be SaaS, are unnecessarily complex and require significant resources to manage and administer. Clumio allows you to manage backup through a single service; you can set it and forget about it. And since Clumio is a service, our support team handles the diagnosis of any issues. Backup and recovery is a critical function in today’s enterprises, but it doesn’t have to be a massive time and resource drain. Your administrators don’t have to be dedicated to backup and don’t need significant training. Now they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

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Predictable Costs

Eliminate The Budgeting Guesswork

There are no bills for infrastructure, no need to figure out how much to buy, no worries about depreciating assets, just predictable costs for authentic SaaS. Enjoy the flexibility of OpEx and effectively manage budgets through a predictable consumption model. Instead of having to buy a lot of on-premise or cloud infrastructure, you simply click, login, and establish what you need and what you pay for.

Scale On-Demand

Adapt Automatically to Change

With existing approaches to backup, one of the biggest challenges is knowing how much infrastructure you are going to need— on premise and in the cloud. Today, you have to spend time and effort guessing how much capacity you might need later. This makes scaling for growth a huge burden.  Clumio dynamically adds backup resources as needed.  You don’t even need to think about it.  After all, you have more important things to do.

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Global Compliance

Be Backup Audit Ready

Fragmented backup strategies wreak havoc with your already significant compliance challenges. Managing multiple backup solutions gets in the way of knowing where you are and where you need to go concerning backup compliance. With Clumio, you’ll have one place to set and apply your backup policies no matter where your data is. Know what’s in compliance and what’s out so you can address issues before they become problems. And since we store backups in the cloud, your offsite backup requirements are automatically met.

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Always-On Security

Advance Your Security Posture

Clumio has designed a highly secure solution in the public cloud. Our native cloud design ensures our service is capable of securely backing up data in the cloud. The way that we manage keys, the way we manage data segmentation and the way we encrypt data before it ever moves all contribute to secure online backup. Equally important, we have built end to end integrity checks into all of our software to safeguard all data transfers. Secure your workloads and have the confidence your data is protected at all times, wherever it is stored.

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"Clumio cloud-native backup removes complexity from day-to-day operations on-prem and in the cloud. Now we can focus on building the apps that deliver the most business value."

Marcus Johnston, Chief Security Officer, Infogix, Inc.

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