Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Automated data compliance for edtech providers in AWS

Unified backup, recovery, and compliance across critical student information

Simplify compliance with educational data handling frameworks

Clumio’s data classification engine and policy-driven backups ensure that student data in AWS is compliant and auditable at all times.

Secure sensitive student data

Clumio’s data security includes composite keys, multilayered authentication, and an air gap backup solution, ensuring immutability and heightened protection

Minimize backups, maximize innovation

With nothing to deploy or manage, Clumio helps you connect in minutes, detect critical data, and autonomously applies policies, freeing you up from backup management routines.

Spend less on secondary storage

Clumio enables you to eliminate unnecessary snapshots, reduce reliance on replication, and backup only the necessary data.

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Long-term student data retention by state

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) dictates a 1-3 year minimum retention period for different types of student data, but states often have their own requirements above and beyond FERPA.

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Secure, policy-driven backups across data sources

Standardize backups across data sources with Clumio’s unified policy engine. Classify and group data by type, account, regions, and tags, and automate data retention and backup frequency to maintain compliance.

Always-on view of data compliance posture

Gain confidence in your compliance status with Clumio’s visibility and reporting features. Drill down into the compliance posture of each data source, and export customizable compliance reports with granular event details.

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