Is your data in AWS protected?
Restore in minutes and gain compliance visibility in a simple and secure AWS data protection service.
Now Available - Clumio Discover!
Industry’s first Cloud Backup Optimization and Visualization Engine
Clumio Discover is a key addition to Clumio’s Backup as a service platform that provides businesses with the information and insights they need to ensure their data is protected and compliant in the public cloud.
The Clumio Experience
  • Rapid Recovery
    Reduce recovery time from hours to minutes
  • Best-in-class Security
    True air-gap & immutable backup protects from ransomware in minutes
  • Simpler Management
    Centralized view of backup policies across accounts & regions
  • Lower TCO
    Up to 55% cost savings versus AWS backup. Includes free snapshot manager
Backup for your Key AWS Services
    Moving to AWS provides flexibility, but increases EC2, EBS backup complexity and cost. Snapshots alone are not enough to protect application data. Clumio cost-effectively and securely scales to meet the needs of customers’ dynamic cloud requirements.
    Adopting Amazon RDS means no provisioning, scaling and managing in-house databases. While these tasks are alleviated, organizations cannot afford to compromise on data protection. Clumio delivers both rapid recovery as well as long-term retention for RDS.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
    Enterprises use VMware extensively in AWS. Legacy backup tools for VMware were not designed to protect data in the public cloud. Clumio is built in the cloud to provide a cost-predictive, simple and secure solution to backup VMs in VMware Cloud.
Cloud-Native is in our DNA
As organizations leverage AWS to grow their business, they start generating volumes of production data that must be efficiently protected as it scales. Clumio’s cloud data platform architecture was designed with this in mind, bringing the cloud values of scalability, performance, economics and faster access to innovation.
Here’s What our Customers Say
Motion Picture Association
“I have confidence that my backup is going to be there. That's one thing I don't have to worry about anymore. 
I can now focus on the other aspects of my job.”
Chief Information Officer
Point Loma
“The fact that we can unify our backup and retention policies across all of the various different technologies that we use is amazing. I am keenly looking out for the next thing that Clumio adds to the platform.”
Manager of Infrastructure Services and Architecture
"A critical selling point was the air gap. Unlike snapshot managers, the stored data is not in danger if the production account is compromised"
Head of IT
Club Assist
"I am monitoring our cost savings today and what they will look like in the future when I am totally done with my AWS snapshots. That number, conservatively speaking, is going to be about a 64 percent savings.”
Director of Network Services
Committed to the Highest Compliance Standards
Ready to simplify AWS backup?