Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Data risk assessment overview

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Complimentary data risk assessment

Clumio Discover provides visibility into the risk posture of your AWS data estate. Request a complimentary data risk assessment report today.

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Comprehensive data resilience for your applications, databases, and data lakes

Build resilience against ransomware

Your data on Clumio is immutable and undeletable, enabling you to thwart mass encryption attempts and resume operations quickly.

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Recover swiftly from operational disruptions

Whether it’s production data loss or a malicious wipeout, Clumio’s breakthrough restore technology can help you bounce back in the face of severe IT disruptions.

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Ensure continuous compliance

Even for the most stringent data regulatory frameworks, Clumio helps you place long-term compliance on autopilot with air gapped backups, simple auditability, and on-demand reporting.

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All while slashing your cloud storage bill

Clumio finds unnecessary snapshots, versions, and replicas, and optimizes your backups across workloads. Clumio customers save over 30% on their backup costs on average.

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Architected to deliver peace of mind

No management necessary

Built as a serverless and agentless data platform, Clumio saves you the trouble of having to deploy, set up, or pre-purchase software.

Secure by design

Clumio air gaps your data right from the seed backup, and stores it immutably with composite encryption.

Zero RTO at any scale

Clumio supports multiple restore modailities—search and download, SQL-query to retrieve, provide apps secure direct access to backups, as well as massively parallelized data rehydration.


Clumio identifies and backs up exactly what you need, and helps you clean up obsolete snapshots, archives, and other unnecessary data.