Redefining data protection for Amazon S3

Protect billions of objects. Find a single file. Recover in less than a minute.

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Simplify your AWS backups and get data protection from ransomware while lowering your TCO.

Reduce recovery times from hours to minutes.

Clumio takes advantage of cloud scale to provide rapid restores for full EC2/RDS/DynamoDB instances and S3 buckets. Combined with granular recovery of single files, recovery times are reduced by 10X.


Protect from ransomware with Clumio SecureVault air-gap and immutable backup.

Clumio backups are encrypted and stored outside of AWS production accounts, providing an air-gapped immutable backup to ensure data is quickly restorable from ransomware, bad actors, and other risks.


Gain a centralized view of backup policies across accounts and regions.

Manage backups for tens to thousands of AWS accounts from a uniform set of policies. Eliminate complex manual scripts and be audit ready with simple compliance reporting.

Lower TCO

Reduce costs by up to 50% versus AWS backup.

With Clumio you only pay for what you consume, and there is no hardware or software to manage or even buy at all—zero overhead and no hidden fees.

Global Visibility

Leverage Clumio Discover, an optimization and visualization engine.

Unlock global visibility into AWS backups and quickly uncover actionable insights to help optimize your backup plans, independent of the solution used.

Rapid-Recovery Best-in-Class-Security Simplified-Management Lower TCO Global Visibility
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As organizations leverage AWS to grow their business, they start generating volumes of production data that must be efficiently protected as it scales.
Clumio’s cloud data platform architecture was designed with this in mind, bringing the cloud values of scalability, performance, economics, and faster access to innovation.
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Here’s What Our Customers Say
  • “After we saw what Clumio could do in the cloud, the decision was easy.”
    Dennis Yang Chief Information Officer
  • “The fact that we can unify our backup and retention policies across all of the various different technologies that we use is amazing. I am keenly looking out for the next thing that Clumio adds to the platform.”
    Joe Alcorn Manager of Infrastructure Services and Architecture
  • "A critical selling point was the air gap. Unlike snapshot managers, the stored data is not in danger if the production account is compromised."
    Brian Cahill Head of IT
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Committed to the Highest Compliance Standards

Customer Reviews
We are top rated in G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace
    Patrick B
    "Simple and excellent solution for data protection challenges with fantastic people supporting it!"
    The simplicity of implementation along with the support staff around the solution made the rollout quick and easy. Clumio's support staff are proactive and responsive, providing easy solutions to Clumio-identified data protection issues.
    Joe A, Infrastructure Cloud Architect
    “Clumio: The Backup Headache Medicine”
    There really is a tie for what I like best about Clumio: First is the ease of setup. 10 minutes and you are ready to backup vSphere VMs. another 10 and AWS EC2/RDS is covered. No storage arrays to configure and maintain, no tape libraries, no media management, no guest OS agents to update and troubleshoot. The second is how proactive their support is. Yes, I said proactive. If issues happen in my backup, I get an email from a live person in their support team before I have even had a chance to wrap my head around the automated support email.
    Brian C
    “A SaaS Backup for Cloud Workloads.”
    Airgap - Clumio brings us a separation between backups and production. They control the backup account and we cannot delete any of the backups. Cost - Deduplication causes the solution to be more cost effective than other backups which are just snapshot managers. SAAS - You don't have to spin up backup servers and maintain them. Portability - Databases use true SQL backups instead of RDS snapshots. Servers use true file level backups. Monitoring - They proactively open a ticket and let you know if something is not getting backed up correctly.
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