Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Operational Recovery

Get your production environment back up and running quickly

Minimize downtime

Whether it’s an accidental delete or a malicious wipeout, Clumio’s near-instant restore helps you get your data back quickly.

Backup every transaction

Rather than taking periodic snapshots, Clumio interacts with your data sources at an event level, capturing changes with high fidelity.

Scale beyond petabytes

Regardless of data volume, Clumio’s architecture ensures your backups are always up to date, indexed, and ready to restore.

Simplify your operational recoveries

Simplicity is the foremost design principle at Clumio. Across backup jobs, recovery operations, policy management, security, and pricing, Clumio’s simplicity is unmatched. Simplicity the #1 reason why customers choose Clumio


The Essential Guide to backing up SQL Server DBs running in AWS

Wherever in AWS your SQL Server databases run, learn the best way to back them up.

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A new paradigm for application resilience

Give your time-critical applications instant access to backed up data while a full rehydration takes place in parallel

Continuous and invisible backups

Continuously backup your data with high fidelity and without affecting application performance. Clumio’s distributed ingest engine and direct API integration with your workloads deliver low RPO and reliable point in time recovery.

Fast restores at any scale

Regardless of the size of your workloads, get your data back fast with Clumio’s massively parallel rehydration engine that delivers over 100 GiB/min restore performance.

Simplicity when you need it most

Switch from manual, workload-specific restores to single-click application-wide recoveries leveraging Clumio protection rules

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