Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Ransomware Recovery

Recover critical data and ensure business continuity when you need it most

Rest assured your backups are incorruptible

Clumio integrates with your AWS key management system, using composite keys to encrypt your data in-flight and at-rest, storing it on an immutable vault outside of your enterprise security sphere. Clumio also supports the backup of pre-encrypted datasets.

Bounce back quickly in the face of ransomware

Clumio’s calendar-based restore enables to you easily roll back to a safe point-in-time and recover your environment to a second region or account. Bulk recovery features that combine datasets across workloads get your applications back up and running quickly.

Get NIST-aligned. Fast.

Clumio helps simplify recovery and DR audits by providing near-instant restores—from a single row in a database to buckets with billions of objects. Because Clumio is air-gapped, it also makes proving region-isolation during an audit straightforward.

Reduce the complexity and cost of ransomware resilience

Clumio standardizes backups across accounts, regions, and SLAs. The platform evaluates your ransomware risk posture by discovering in-account snapshots, backup frequencies, and retention policies, and gives you an at-a-glance ransomware recovery score with recommendations to improve it.

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Comprehensive security for your backups

Keep an eye on your backup security across data sources based on core attributes such as immutability, air gap, and retention policies.

Simple backup health summary

Get an overview of your backup policies across regions and workloads with data protection alerts and recommendations—all in one place.

Fast and flexible restores

Get your data recovery strategy aligned with NIST SP 800-61, with simple and automated recovery testing across users and accounts.

Lightweight, agentless SaaS

Upgrade your backup platform to an agentless service, ensuring you have nothing to deploy, nothing to manage, and no compromises when it comes to security.

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