Clumio Protect for DynamoDB

Protect your Amazon DynamoDB Tables

Get turnkey ransomware protection for your DynamoDB tables while supercharging backup, recovery and audit readiness

Customers leveraging Amazon DynamoDB require an equally scalable and reliable solution to protect mission-critical data.

Cloud customers are embracing cloud-native services like DynamoDB to deliver hyper scale performance and reliability to production applications. Clumio’s cloud-native Amazon DynamoDB backup service is a critical addition, ensuring secure, simple, comprehensive protection of your DynamoDB data

Simple, secure hyper-scale data protection for Amazon DynamoDB

Clumio Protect for Amazon DynamoDB provides ransomware protection for DynamoDB tables and records, as well as simplifying and speeding data recovery and compliance.

DyanmoDB Data Protection

Turnkey Ransomware Protection with Clumio SecureVault

DynamoDB backups are stored in Clumio SecureVault, providing air-gapped protection from ransomware attacks and other account compromises.

Low RTO and Business Continuity with Granular Recovery and Intuitive Calendar View

Clumio delivers fine-grain recovery of DynamoDB tables & items in the event of a disaster, ransomware attack, or accidental deletion. The intuitive calendar view and filtering for key attributes make it easy to find and restore just the tables and items you need, delivering low RTO for business continuity.

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Audit Readiness through Centralized Dashboards and Compliance Reports

Clumio Protect for DynamoDB simplifies the audit process. Centralized dashboards and advanced reports allow cloud customers to easily monitor compliance, assess risks and identify gaps in meeting their RPO goals.

Backup that scales with DynamoDB

Clumio’s architecture is designed for scalability. Customizable protection rules can be applied at various levels of any hierarchy to ensure all assets are backed up correctly. Incremental backups help you protect your data efficiently, no matter how much your business scales up.
Here’s What Our Customers Say
  • “The fact that we can unify our backup and retention policies across all of the various different technologies that we use is amazing. I am keenly looking out for the next thing that Clumio adds to the platform.”
    Joe Alcorn Manager of Infrastructure Services and Architecture
  • "A critical selling point was the air gap. Unlike snapshot managers, the stored data is not in danger if the production account is compromised."
    Brian Cahill Head of IT
  • “After we saw what Clumio could do in the cloud, the decision was easy.”
    Dennis Yang Chief Information Officer
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