Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

DynamoDB backups that match your high-performance app

Restore-ready, audit-ready, and infinitely scalable backups for your DynamoDB tables

Add multi-layered security without the complexity

Default-air gap and immutability ensure that your DynamoDB backups cannot be altered or deleted without explicit legal sign off.

Build application-wide resilience

A single management plane and logical grouping to backup your DynamoDB tables along with other application components.

Find the exact record you're looking for

Access and audit record-level information through simple SQL queries so compliance analysts don’t have wait for full restores during audits

Experience breathtaking restore performance

Massively parallel rehydration delivers >100GiB/min restore performance so you can get your application back up and running, fast


Amazon DynamoDB: Harness the power, protect the data

Want to get the most out of Amazon DynamoDB? Hear directly from a member of the product team.

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Visibility up, management overheads down

Keep the backup manageability overheads in check even as your DynamoDB environment scales, with on-demand compliance reporting and automated, policy-based backups.

Secure by design

Store your backups in a default-immutable and air-gapped environment. Clumio’s multi factor authentication, SSO integration, and role-based access controls further secure your data.

Flexible restores for audits and DR tests

Prove compliance or test your DR plan in a few clicks. Retrieve data down to the record with key-based queries, and restore data directly across accounts and regions.

Fast restores when you need it most

Quickly identify the right tables during a recovery with intuitive calendar-based search. Clumio’s industry-leading restore speed gets your database is back up and running fast.

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