Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

It's time to rethink your Amazon EC2 and EBS snapshots

Incorruptible backups for your applications running on Amazon EC2

Deploy nothing

Built as a serverless platform that incrementally tracks event changes, Clumio ensures there is nothing to deploy, manage, or secure within your account.

Build trust with your backups

Backups cannot be altered or wiped out once on the platform. All data is air gapped from your primary account, and each access is authenticated and audited, and deletes require explicit customer sign off.

Recover fast

Consistent recoveries for EC2 instances and EBS volumes at unprecedented speed, making it ideal for application-wide DR strategies.

Restore easily

Intuitive calendars to view, manage, or restore the exact instance or volume to get your application back up and running.


ESG Economic Value Validation Report

How much can you really save with Clumio? Don't take our word for it.


Reliable backups. Unreal simplicity.

Set your backup policy once and safely ignore it thereafter. Clumio automatically discovers new data and backs it up accordingly.

Air gapped and immutable by design

Rest assured your EBS backups cannot be deleted or corrupted. In case of a disruption, safely restore your data to a new region or account.

Near-zero RPO for high fidelity change tracking

Specify your RPO and let Clumio do the rest. By directly leveraging Amazon EBS APIs, Clumio delivers lightweight, incremental backups, eliminating excess snapshots and associated overheads.

Faster restores than you've ever seen

Speed up your restores with file-level search, calendar-based recoveries, and massively parallel rehydration.

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