Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

AWS backup cost optimization

Cut your storage bill in half

Backup and restore exactly what you need

Granular data selection and pre-backup classification ensures you can find and backup only the most important datasets across your data warehouses, data lakes, and other large scale data repositories.

Discover where you're spending most in your cloud backup posture

Whether your backups reside in your AWS account, a different account, or a third-party tool, Clumio helps you identify cost hotspots and focus your budgets on only the most critical data.

Eliminate needless snapshots and obsolete data

Clumio helps you find redundant copies and snapshots so you can expunge them and lower your AWS bill. Clumio customers often gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from archiving older snapshots and eliminating duplicates.

Optimize your secondary storage across AWS workloads

Across databases, blocks, files, and objects, Clumio helps you gain visibility of your data estate and reduce backup costs across applications


ESG Economic Value Validation

How much can you really save with Clumio? Don't take our word for it.


Fine-grained backup and restore

Backup only what you need and restore exactly what you are looking for using file-level protection and record-level restores.

Backup spend visibility for your AWS data estate

Monitor your spend on backups with resource-level cost drill downs of each data source you are backing up—regardless of its location.

Automated conversion and cleanup of older data

Archive long-term snapshots and buckets into Clumio’s storage-optimized platform and save over 80% on your AWS backup costs.

Multiple storage optimizations to deliver cost efficiencies

Customers that switch to Clumio start seeing immediate reduction in their backup bill with continuing improvement over time.

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