Data protection for Amazon EC2 / EBS

Simple, fast backup and restore for EC2 and EBS volumes at scale

Data vulnerabilities are business vulnerabilities

And taking snapshots doesn't mean you’re protected. Snapshots are vulnerable to cyberthreats, operational disruptions, and unintended deletions. Not to mention, they’re extremely difficult to recover from.

Simple, automated data resilience for EC2 and EBS

EC2 data protection you can bet your job on
Clumio Protect is the next generation of data security for Amazon EC2/EBS. Clumio uses EBS Direct APIs, changed block tracking, and an army of Lambda functions to hyper-optimize EC2 / EBS protection. This means you recover at unprecedented speed, at any scale, when you need it most.
Secure your data with AirGap protection! This diagram shows how a physical barrier keeps your sensitive information safe from digital threats.
Mind the air gap

Clumio gives you a true air gap: data resides outside your account and enterprise access domain. This ensures it’s out of reach of malicious attacks, whether from outside or within your organization. Data backed up with Clumio is immutable and there is no delete button.

Flexible, granular recovery

Clumio’s simple, powerful global search and granular recovery allow you to find and recover at the file, volume, or instance level. Restore directly to any account or region; a critical capability in account compromises or regional outages.

Intuitive policies and automation
Configure protection rules based on SLAs and retention requirements. Clumio automatically discovers and protects new or changed data.
“I’ve been doing backups for my whole career, and Clumio is how I would have built it if I had the time.”
Frogslayer Director of Technology
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