Clumio Protect for SQL on EC2

Protect your SQL Server on Amazon EC2

Get effortless ransomware protection for your mission-critical SQL databases on EC2 while supercharging their backup and recovery

Customers demand a cloud-native service for protecting SQL server on EC2 that is secure, simple, and lightweight to not impact database performance

Customers moving SQL Server workloads to AWS face the challenge of efficiently and securely protecting them. Integrated point-in-time backups are not natively found in SQL on Amazon EC2, forcing enterprises to leverage manual SQL scripts or port on-premises backup products into the cloud. This results in complexity at scale, increasing cyber-attack vulnerability, missed RPO/RTO, database performance impact, and compliance risks.
Secure, efficient, and flexible data protection service for SQL Server on EC2
Clumio Protect for SQL Server on EC2 provides ransomware protection for mission-critical applications, low RPO/RTO with rapid database point in time recovery, and an agent-less backup as a service with zero impact on database performance.
SecureVault Ransomware Protection
Air-gapped SQL backups are stored outside the customers’ AWS account in an immutable, encrypted format inside of Clumio’s highly secure platform. Clumio’s platform provides multi-factor authentication, access controls, and no delete option, safeguarding against hackers getting access to or deleting customers’ backups.
Clumio Solution for S3 Data Protection
Low RPO and RTO with Rapid, Flexible Database Recovery
Meet your business SLA requirements with a forever incremental strategy; point-in-time recovery at 15-minute log granularity. Reduce recovery times with rapid incremental recovery back to production or full backup to any instance or AWS accounts.
Agent-less with No Database Performance Impact
Clumio’s SaaS platform lowers operational overhead by not requiring additional backup agents, which in turn reduces host performance impact and lowers the possibility of security vulnerabilities. Clumio Protect for SQL Server is Availability Group aware, enabling backup from sync-secondaries and further avoiding primary database performance impact.
Current S3 Backup Solutions are Insufficient
Lower TCO
Customers now get operational recovery, ransomware protection, and long-term compliance with one data protection provider. This dramatically reduces costs compared to managing disparate legacy point solutions, as well as eliminates the cost of storing two copies of snapshots for ransomware protection.
Here’s What Our Customers Say
  • “After we saw what Clumio could do in the cloud, the decision was easy.”
    Dennis Yang Chief Information Officer
  • "A critical selling point was the air gap. Unlike snapshot managers, the stored data is not in danger if the production account is compromised."
    Brian Cahill Head of IT
  • “The fact that we can unify our backup and retention policies across all of the various different technologies that we use is amazing. I am keenly looking out for the next thing that Clumio adds to the platform.”
    Joe Alcorn Manager of Infrastructure Services and Architecture
Clumio Testimonial - MPA

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