Cloud Optimized from Day One

As organizations generate volumes of business data across clouds, they must efficiently protect it as it scales. Clumio’s cloud data platform architecture was designed with this in mind, bringing the cloud values of scalability, integrated support, economics, and faster access to innovation.

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Clumio Architecture

Architected to Protect Data in the Cloud

Cloud Scale With Direct S3 Access

Clumio was architected to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud for data protection. For example, Clumio leverages cloud scale by having direct access to S3. Other data protection solutions process data flows into the platform with EC2 resulting in bottlenecks. Clumio avoids the bottleneck problem by transporting data directly into highly scalable and durable object storage.

Microservices Accelerate Performance

Building a cloud-native backup application requires architecting a platform on containers and serverless Lambda functions. Clumio simplifies this by breaking an application into microservices, orchestrating them into a workflow. By doing this, Clumio leverages significant AWS compute resources, activating these functions in parallel and completing processing more rapidly.

Control Plane and Data Plane Separation Drive Scale

The control plane and the data plane are separated to deliver scale, performance, and multi-cloud functionality. This separation eliminates data processing from interfering with data movement to or from the cloud. As data is dispersed across clouds, backups will be stored within the same cloud where production data resides. The result is faster data movement, elimination of egress costs, and reduced management complexity.


“Today, data is dispersed across SaaS apps and multiple clouds. Embracing a cloud-native approach to bring data protection to where the data resides is much more effective than trying to bring the data to the infrastructure."

Archana Venkatraman, Associate Research Director, IDC

Optimized for Secure Backup and Rapid Recovery

  • Efficient cloud backups for distributed cloud environments
  • Only changed blocks are read for optimized backups and restores
  • Meet or exceed RTO’s with Clumio’s innovative rapid recovery 

Clumio facilitates efficient backups for cloud distributed environments in several ways. The platform leverages cloud scale by transporting data directly into highly scalable and durable object storage. Data processing such as file indexing and data verification are done completely in the cloud, leveraging the resources of the cloud. The platform employs incremental forever backups, so only changed blocks are read from data sources. Organizations can eliminate time and resources for sizing, deploying, metering charges, or maintaining infrastructure.

Rapid recovery enables fast operational restores from cloud storage. By intelligently reverting just the changed blocks, full object recovery is optimized to either meet or minimize RTOs. Clumio’s powerful search capabilities enable granular, file-level restores so IT admins can search for a specific object. The architecture leverages scale-out serverless compute power in the cloud, to rehydrate backup images quickly, for faster operational recovery of all workloads.

Backup Visibility Without Daily Management

  • Policy insight and enforcement across multiple clouds from a single user interface
  • Proactive alerts only when attention is required
  • RESTful APIs enable integration into an organization’s workflow automation 

IT teams can manage distributed cloud environments with hundreds to thousands of accounts, from a single user interface. Global policies can be used to configure different sources and applied to volumes of accounts. To maintain visibility, Clumio provides scheduled reports with consolidated views of backups and policy enforcement. IT teams also receive proactive alerts when something needs immediate attention. 

Clumio’s RESTful APIs automate administrative tasks so that operations teams can focus on other business-critical initiatives. This also means that as new workloads are deployed, they are automatically included in policy criteria. Account-level operations are automated, reducing administrative time and manual processes.


“As enterprise companies have increasingly turned to the public cloud to solve business problems and deliver business value, it also becomes necessary for them to rethink data protection. Clumio delivers solutions that address backup and recovery on-prem and in the public cloud without planning, sizing and implementation complexities”

Mike Thompson, CEO. Groupware Technology

Insightful Reports and Proactive Alerts

  • Daily summary, compliance and activity reports for deep insight
  • Customizable, out-of-the-box reports for unique organizational needs
  • Control report cadence and designate who receives them

The Clumio reporting engine is built to provide as much or as little visibility as the enterprise needs. A daily summary email goes to designated groups or individuals. From that email, one can gain a quick overview of any backups, success rates, restore rates and alerts. Further drill down into the daily report provides more granular details with timestamps, backups details and restore times. These email reports can run daily or to a custom cadence required by an organization. In addition to reporting, proactive alerts will trigger anything requiring immediate attention. 

Clumio comes with different reporting templates that can be customized and adapted to suit the unique needs of an organization. In addition to the daily email, there is compliance and activity reporting. Compliance reports provide visibility of backup performance against policies. Activity reports give details of backup volumes, throughput and recovery activities.

Multiple Security Measures Built In

  • Enterprises can control their encryption keys and audit use
  • Audit logs capture log-in activity and potential malicious attempts
  • A full data copy is protected in an air-gapped environment 

Clumio employs multiple security methods to provide the highest levels of data security. Data is always encrypted, before leaving the enterprise and while residing in Clumio’s service. User interactions like log-ins and potential threats are captured in an audit log. Leveraging infinite cloud resources, Clumio captures audit events with granular detail, scaling with enterprise environments. Audit logs can be ingested into Security information and event management (SIEM solutions) to centralize workflows. Read the blog to learn more. Is Your Security Camera Truly Logging Everything?

Further supporting Clumio’s security first strategy, a full copy of production data moves to an air-gapped environment. An enterprise’s data is stored in an immutable format in a domain outside of production. Data is always stored with strong encryption and complex segmentation, creating additional layers against breach or theft. If production data is compromised, then recovery is initiated from a full data copy stored in Clumio’s air-gapped service.

Committed to the Highest Compliance Standards

  • Realize the highest compliance, privacy and security standards
  • Meet strict compliance requirements with cost-effective data retention
  • Discover assets and apply policies across clouds

Compliance requirements are complicated. Federal, state, and industry regulations can create lengthy and expensive retention terms, requiring organizations to prove they can restore data on demand to satisfy compliance controls. Clumio understands this and is committed to helping organizations achieve it. Organizations cannot afford to be non-compliant with these mandates. Failure can result in heavy penalties and reputational damage. Managing multiple backup solutions is complicated and in the case of an audit, it can be difficult to demonstrate the validity of backups.

Clumio provides a single place to set and apply backup policies, no matter where the data resides. Clumio will discover assets and apply policies across them. Regular reporting allows backup admins and IT teams to know what is in compliance and flag areas at risk. Since Clumio stores backups securely in the cloud, offsite backup requirements are automatically met.

Current audits and certification achieved:

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