Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Autonomous backups that can keep up with your SaaS application

Continuous, high fidelity backups, optimized for performance and security

Free up your engineering team for innovation

Your engineers should be building the next big thing, not spending time on backups. Clumio lets them automate away the complexity of backup jobs, restore testing, and compliance monitoring.

Scale your product—your backup will scale automatically

Clumio automatically detects and backs up new data in your connected accounts and scales easily to whatever data protection needs you may have.

Stay ahead of data compliance audits

Clumio’s granular compliance reports, queryable backups, and instant access capabilities help you shrink data compliance audits from days to minutes.

Slash your cloud storage bill

In a world of ever-expanding snapshots, versions, and replicas, Clumio helps you consolidate and reduce your backups, while improving your data resilience stance.


The Big Book of S3 Data Protection

This in-depth guide outlines how to set up and automate data protection for S3 with Clumio to secure your data while simplifying operational management.

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Reliable backups, performant restores

Ensure your backup can keep up with your modern, cloud-native applications. Clumio connects to your data sources via simple and minimal permissions, with no agents to install and maintain. Clumio’s massively parallel ingest and rehydration engine ensures fast, reliable backups and restores at any scale.

Modern data resilience for modern workloads

Automate your backups and let your platform team focus on more pressing matters. Simply connect your account and get your backups going in minutes, with automated backup rules and policy assignment for new incoming data.

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