Data Protection for Amazon S3

Protect your S3 buckets from accidental deletions, overwrites, and ransomware attacks. Clumio delivers air gapped backups and instant recovery for S3.

Protect what powers your business

Your S3 environment houses critical application data, sensitive business information, and data lakes for analytics and AI. Do you have it all protected?

Why S3 backup for enterprises

S3 is the innovation engine for millions of customers. Developers, DevOps, and CloudOps use S3 to power their applications. The data that fuels this innovation needs to be protected.


Infrastructure resilience ≠ Data resilience

While the infrastructure of Amazon S3 is extremely durable and protects against drive failures, it is critical to recognize that infrastructure or service durability does not equate to data durability.

According to Amazon’s shared responsibility model, the validity, security, accessibility, and usability of data on S3 is the customers’ responsibility.

What you need to protect your S3 data from

S3 data can be lost due not only to user errors such as accidental deletions, misconfigured buckets, erroneous data lifecycle policies, and software-based corruption, but also due to malicious behaviors such as insider threats and ransomware attacks.

Losing critical data from S3 can lead to operational disruptions and downtime, non-compliance with industry regulations, and loss of customer trust.

Where current S3 backup solutions fall short

AWS provides tools such as versioning, replication, and AWS Backup to create and manage copies of S3 data, but these alone do not provide comprehensive, end-to-end air gap data protection.

Lack of out-of-enterprise air gap with current solutions can leave your data vulnerable to malicious attackers.

Current S3 backup solutions have scalability limits and cannot protect beyond a few billion objects

Simple data lifecycle misconfigurations can expunge entire buckets

Sifting through many object versions to find the correct copy can slow down time-critical recoveries

Protection policies and versioning can be set only at the bucket level, increasing costs in buckets with high change rates, or where only certain objects need to be protected

Why Clumio Protect for Amazon S3

Clumio makes your Amazon S3 data undeletable. Its cloud-native architecture enables near-zero RTO and RPO even at exabyte-scale, and puts your data protection and compliance on autopilot.

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The most scalable data protection solution ever built

  • Large enterprise customers routinely run into scalability issues with backup tools when their S3 environment exceeds tens of petabytes. This happens due to backup tools being built on legacy, machine-bound constructs.

  • Clumio is built on a serverless functions orchestration engine, where decoupled, stateless cloud resources scale dynamically with demand, giving it practically infinite scale.

  • Clumio can protect tens of billions of objects per bucket, measuring exabytes.

Instant Protection and Recovery

  • Protect your data in minutes: During a backup workflow, Clumio microservices inventory data sources, orchestrate, read, reduce, encrypt, and transfer data in parallel streams. Indexing and verification is also auto-scaled, and ensures an industry-leading low RPO of 15 min.

  • Recover instantly: Clumio uses serverless functions for scale-out rehydration while running parallel I/O operations across restore blocks to get customers back to a fully operational state really fast. Clumio routinely clocks the fastest RTO for AWS workloads in the industry, and can get customers back up and running in minutes.

Compliance on autopilot

  • Clumio’s dynamic data retention enables customers to apply policies to a range of protected objects, specific to the industry, workload, or operational requirement. Clumio automatically detects new resources and applies relevant policies, keeping ever-changing data compliant.

  • Clumio also generates compliance reports and alerts customers when objects are out of policy. Backing up data with Clumio provides instant compliance with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI DSS. Clumio has many customers in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government.

Transparent pricing, advanced cost visibility

“With Clumio we can selectively provide the right levels of protection for our Amazon S3 data via global policies and protection groups. Global search enables quick recovery of any bucket or object for compliance needs, and optimizations to reduce small object overhead deliver a low TCO.”
Senior Director, Engineering Enablement at Cox Automotive

What Makes Clumio Different

  • Simple, click-to-play SaaS

    Clumio is an agent-less SaaS solution, relieving the customer of any management, upgrades, and installation tasks of traditional data protection. Updates are rolled out without the need for any intervention allowing customers to backup a slew of data sources within minutes, without worrying about asset size or capacity constraints.

  • Intuitive protection groups

    When a customer has many buckets to manage in multiple accounts, it can get cumbersome to track their policies and prefixes across their buckets. This is common problem in large enterprise

    Clumio protection groups provide an abstraction layer to manage objects, buckets, and prefixes across all AWS accounts. Protection groups can be recovered to any account, any bucket, at any particular point in time, at any granularity.

  • Flexible, granular recovery

    Unlike other solutions that can help recover to only points at which files were changed, only at individual object or bucket levels, and only to a local account, Clumio, helps customers restore data to any point in time at the level of objects, buckets, prefixes, or protection groups. Clumio can also recover directly to any uncompromised account or region.

  • Simple calendar, with advanced filtering

    Clumio offers a calendar view that allows customers to see all their recovery points. Customers can also search to find and restore exactly the object, bucket, prefix, or protection group they need to recover.

  • Predictive support

    Clumio is unmatched in its customer satisfaction, with raving reviews of Clumio’s predictive support that identifies and resolves over 90% of potential service needs before customers are even aware of a problem. Backups should bring peace of mind, and Clumio does exactly that.

  • Advanced cost visibility

    Clumio meters for exactly the data that is protected, down to the byte. Clumio also provides insights into hidden data protection costs, intelligently estimates spend and proposes ways to reduce cloud bills, regardless of whether that data is being protected by Clumio.

The Big Book of S3 Data Protection

This in-depth guide outlines how to set up and automate data protection for S3 with Clumio to secure your data while simplifying operational management.
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