Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Secure backup and recovery for medical, healthcare, and life sciences providers

Immutable backups for irreproducible datasets

Simplify HIPAA and HITECH compliance

Clumio helps you place your data compliance and retention strategy on autopilot. Whether it’s new workloads, or accounts, Clumio helps you make sure they are compliant with your data handling standards.

Secure critical data

Air-gapped, immutable backups secured by composite keys and multilayered authentication ensure that your irreproducible datasets are incorruptible.

Keep the lights on through any disruption

The healthcare industry is the number one target for ransomware. Clumio makes sure you can recover from the next attack. Clumio helps you easily roll back to a safe point in time, restore to a secondary region or account, and get your applications back up and running quickly.

Drive down your cloud and IT costs

Clumio helps you find and eliminate redundant copies, archives, and snapshots so you can expunge them and lower your AWS bill. Clumio customers often save hundreds of thousands of dollars from deleting data copies that are unusable or unnecessary.


Long-term retention requirements in Healthcare

Key data retention regulations to keep in mind


HIPAA-compliant, affordable long-term retention

Healthcare customers use Clumio to get default-compliant with HIPAA standards. Whether you need to backup databases, buckets, or machine instances, Clumio can help you retain critical medical information for years at a fraction of your current cost.

Continuous backups, performant restores

Continuously backup your data without affecting application performance. Clumio’s intelligent ingest load optimization engine and direct API integration with your workloads delivers low RPO and point in time recovery at unprecedented speed.

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