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AWS Cost Optimization

Reduce your AWS bill while improving data resilience

You’d be surprised how much of your storage costs come from backups, snapshots, versioning and replication.

Clumio can help.

Slash AWS backup costs

Reduce your backup bill—safely

Lifecycling your backups in accordance with your retention requirements, SLAs, and compliance policies can get complex. Clumio’s automated data discovery and policy assignment ensures that your backups are efficient, up to date, and ready-to-recover.

Enable safe data cleanup

Getting rid of outdated or unnecessary data is an important tactic in reducing your AWS bill, but sometimes critical and non-critical data can look alike. Ensuring critical data is backed up before embarking on a cleanup mission is key to safely reducing your AWS bill.

Learn why you need to backup S3.
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Don’t break the bank for bucket backups

Cut your standard tier backup cost in half ($0.025/gb/month with Clumio SecureVault vs. $0.05/gb/month with AWS Backup) or save even more on long-term retention with SecureVault Frozen at $0.01/gb/month.

Did you know? Versioning can explode costs for high change rate buckets. Clumio eliminates the need for you to version your buckets, and you can even backup individual objects, prefixes, or tags, rather than full buckets.

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Clumio Solution for S3 Data Protection

Bring your EC2/EBS backup costs under control

For long-term retention of EC2 instances and EBS volumes, save 30% on backup costs with SecureVault Lite. Do you know what’s happening with your snapshots? Clumio Convert makes it easy to move your snapshots to Clumio, adding an air gap and improving visibility, while making it easy to find and eradicate pointless snapshots and copies.
“Clumio helped us reduce our storage bill by allowing us to see where our snapshots come from. We were able to find a lot of orphan snapshots that we were needlessly paying to store."

Reduce AWS database backup costs

Save on RDS long-term retention with $0.045/gb/month for granular record retrieval backups longer than 7 day retention.

Backup DynamoDB tables and restore full tables or individual records. Clumio offers the only granular recovery solution for DynamoDB, allowing you to save on recovery cost.

Save with simplicity

Time is money, and ESG validated that Clumio customers save 80% on operational management costs.
"We are saving at least one full-time employee by using Clumio."
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