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RDS backups, now unified across all your use cases

Operational recoveries, ransomware recovery, and long-term retention in one simple solution

Simplify your RDS backups

Unified ransomware recovery, operational recovery, and compliance with automation that eliminates management overheads.

Pay less for long-term retention and compliance

Storage optimized, fully managed, and up to 90% less expensive for archival and long-term compliance.

Add security minus the complexity

Air gapped and immutable backups that guarantee data recoverability.

Discover insights straight from your backups

Simple query-to-recover individual records to prove compliance without full restores.


Clumio for Amazon RDS Facts at a glance

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Unified RDS backup

Get a single view of your full RDS backup strategy. Consolidate operational recovery backups, air-gapped backups, and long-term compliance backups on the Clumio platform, optimizing coverage and minimizing management.

Long term data retention at a tenth of the cost

Store your long-term RDS backups in a convenient, inexpensive, and queryable archive. Clumio optimizes your RDS backups so you can directly find or restore records and tables.

Air gapped and immutable by design

Enjoy default-air gap and immutability for your RDS backups with end-to-end encryption, multi factor authentication, single sign-on and role-based access controls.

Queryable backups

Directly query your RDS backups and quickly retrieve the record or transaction you need. Clumio relieves you of the cumbersome process of searching for the right snapshot from years ago and trying to restore it.

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