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Why S3 Backups for Enterprises

Why S3 Backup for Enterprises

In today’s automated and development driven workflows, more and more business-critical applications are leveraging Amazon S3 over other persistent data structures. Enterprises are faced with multiple challenges in tracking what type of data is actually in AWS S3, determining what needs to be protected, and proving compliance that the data is actually protected.
Current S3 Backup Solutions are Insufficient

Current Backup Solutions Are Insufficient

Existing methods to backup S3 don’t offer full data protection. AWS S3 replication and versioning have been the primary options to backup enterprise data, but they do not provide protection from ransomware, accidental deletions, and bad actors.
  • No air gap protection, exposing organizations to ransomware, user errors and bad actor behaviors
  • No point in time recovery options, making compliance reporting and restores challenging
  • Complex management that requires backing up data and tracking issues one bucket/prefix at a time
  • High costs to store multiple versions of objects and files
  • Lack of visibility with no reporting or search capabilities

Why Clumio Protect for S3

Get the ultimate in ransomware protection with Clumio SecureVault at half the cost of replication and versioning and more cost effectively than building your own solution.

Optimally protect S3 data that matter to you the most

  • Simple and intuitive management that protects select buckets via global protection groups and policies
  • Enhanced reporting and a centralized view across buckets, accounts, and regions provide global visibility and simplified audit compliance
  • Air-gapped, immutable backups protect your organization from ransomware, deletions, and bad actors

Lowest RTO to meet any SLA, while reducing your TCO

  • Granular recovery with global search and browse functions reduces recovery times from hours to minutes
  • Point in time recovery with simple calendar views delivers one-click data recovery
  • Up to 50% savings on AWS costs with zero overhead of replication, versioning and small file storage costs

See Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 in Action

Backup Amazon S3 with Clumio and Receive a Mini Theragun

It’s easy to get started with Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 with a 30-day free trial in AWS Marketplace. And for a limited time, we’re offering a mini Theragun to new customers who set up an account and backup a minimum of 500GB of S3 data. (Subject to verification. Offer valid for United States customers only.)

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