Backing Up Amazon S3 for Dummies

You know your Amazon S3 data needs to be protected. But how do you evaluate the many options?

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A clear, concise guide to protecting your Amazon S3 data

Organizations that rely on Amazon S3 to power modern applications and data lakes are realizing that the exponential growth of their unstructured data also means a growing mandate to ensure its resilience and compliance.

A lot of the information out there on protecting Amazon S3 can seem like an unstructured data lake itself – leaving you to sift through what’s important for an enterprise grade data resilience solution.

Backing Up Amazon S3 for Dummies breaks down the fundamentals to help you design a data protection strategy that best meets your needs.


What's inside

Chapter 1

Understanding the Challenges of Backup and Recovery for Amazon S3 Data

Chapter 2

Understanding Different Amazon S3 Data Protection Methods

Chapter 3

Determining the Best Way to Protect Your Data in Amazon S3

Chapter 4

Defining What Makes a Great Amazon S3 Data Protection Solution

Chapter 5

Ten Features That Make an Amazon S3 Backup Solution Better

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When something happens to your S3 data, how fast are you able to recover?

Your CIO will want to know.