Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

Amazon S3 backup with Clumio: Facts at a glance

Automated air gap, default-immutability, and instantly restorable backups for Amazon S3.

Simple view of Clumio for S3 architecture



Prerequisites and Permissions


  • RPO: 15 minutes with Continuous Backup
  • Scale: 30 Billion objects per bucket / 30PB per bucket
  • Real-world results
    • Backup speed: 100M objects in 1.25 hr, 30B objects in 7 days
    • Restore speed: Up to 100M objects in 3 hr
    • Capture 1.5 million changes per hour
    • Results vary depending on object size and density

Backup and Restore Features

  • Granular backup
    • Group multiple buckets, prefixes or objects in protection groups
      • Clumio automatically backs up new data that matches protection group parameters
    • Add buckets manually or by Tag
    • Refine by
      • Storage class
      • Prefix & sub-prefix
      • Version
  • Restore methods
    • Global search
    • Point-in-time
    • Calendar view
    • Bucket view
  • Granular restore
    • Single or multiple object versions
    • Specific prefixes
    • Single or multiple buckets
  • Flexible restore directly to any connected:
    • Region
    • Account
    • Bucket
    • Prefix
    • S3 storage tier
  • Continuous Backup
    • Capture changes to buckets on an ongoing basis, with an RPO of 15 minutes
  • Instant Access Restore
    • Directly access any point-in-time backup of bucket data via S3 APIs, without requiring a full restore.

Security and Compliance

API Guide


Known Limitations

  • Instant Access scales to maximum of 100M objects per bucket
  • Instant Access is available for SecureVault Standard tier only
  • Clumio service limits

Pricing and Availability

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