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Backup solutions have never had a simple consumption experience. The licenses, sizing, forecasting, replacement, migrations are all major challenges you should never have to worry about. Forget about complex licenses, cloud infrastructure to manage, hidden costs, lack of visibility of pricing and consumption, with minimal support. At Clumio we believe in transparency and simplicity where you only pay for what you consume. Please check out our pricing plans below.

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Clumio Protect Plans
Fair and Flexible Transparent No Friction 100% SaaS Proactive Support


Unique visibility with a simple and intuitive backup as a service for operational recovery.

$0.00 / GB per month*

Clumio Discover – Cloud Optimization
Global Policy Management
EC2 Account Snapshot Orchestration
RDS In Account Snapshot Orchestration
Simple Calendar View for Restores
Point-in-time Instance Restore
Email Support


Cloud Optimization with Secure Enterprise Backup as a service with Air Gap Protection.

$0.045 / GB per month

Everything in Free, plus:
Ransomware Air Gap Backup for EC2
Ransomware Air Gap Backup for RDS
Immutable Backups
Cross Account Instance Restore
Global File Search & Restore
File System Browse & Restore
Direct SQL Query Record Restore
Compliance Reporting
Role-Based Access Controls
Audit Controls
Single Sign-on / MFA
Bring Your Own Encryption Keys
Always On Encryption
Standard Plus Support (Phone + Email)
Proactive Backup Monitoring
Priority 1 2-Hour Response Time


Design a custom package for your business.

Get everything you need:
24/7/365 Premium Support
Dedicated Account Team
Quarterly Health Checks
Volume discounts
Microsoft 365
VMware Cloud on AWS

Pricing Details

Clumio only bills you based on how much storage is consumed by your backup. No need to over-provision or commit to a long term contract. Clumio uses a credit based system where a ‘Clumio Credit’ is equal to $0.01. For example, Clumio Cloud Protect for EBS costs $0.045/GB (4.5 credits) per month and RDS Compliance Backup costs $0.045/GB (4.5 credits) per month.

Many competing backup solutions will charge you a license fee and on top of that you have to pay for the backup storage in your own account. Clumio’s transparent pricing model includes all required air-gapped backup storage, so no need to do any complicated math.

* AWS Snapshots are stored in the customer’s account and billed at $0.05 per GB per month by Amazon AWS. Clumio’s free tier only includes orchestration of snapshots and recovery at no charge. For more information on our secure air-gap backup solution, please visit our AWS Product Page.

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