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Life After Rehosting Windows Applications in AWS


After migrating Windows workloads to AWS, an important step in the digital transformation journey is to begin modernizing those workloads that have been rehosted. Modernization involves transforming applications and databases into cloud-native architectures to take full advantage of the elasticity, agility, and scale of AWS.

Join AWS’s Product Leader for App Modernization as he dives into the AWS tools available to accelerate application innovation, with purpose-built tools and services such as Microservice Extractor for .NET and Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL. You’ll also learn how best to protect these modernized workloads with Clumio.

Presented by:

Rasheed Abdul

Product Leader, App Modernization, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rasheed is passionate about business and numbers. He is a recovering engineer who ventures into all things business – Product Management, Product Marketing and Strategy. Rasheed is currently building application modernization tools and services for AWS that makes use of low code automation powered by heuristics and AI.

Karthik Pinnamaneni

VP of Sales Engineering, Clumio

Karthik is responsible for defining, building, and leading the customer-obsessed Sales Engineering team at Clumio. He is helping to develop sales GTM strategies to drive revenue, and provide executive sponsorship for high valued customer campaigns.