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Microsoft SQL Server on EC2 backup with Clumio: Facts at a glance

Availability group-aware incremental snapshots and transaction log backups for hands-off MS SQL on EC2 resilience

Architectural overview of Clumio for SQL Server on EC2


  • Default-air gapped
  • Default-immutable
  • Database-level, incremental backup with T-logs
  • No proprietary agents
  • Availability Group aware
  • Point-in-time recovery

Prerequisites and Permissions

Backup and Restore Features

  • Apply a backup policy to a standalone database, Availability group, Instance or Host
  • Database-level, incremental backup
  • Transaction logs are backed up
    • RPO as low as 15 minutes
  • No proprietary agents
  • Availability Group aware
    • Option to take backups from secondary replica to avoid performance impact on primary database
  • Application-consistent backup & recovery
    • MS VSS ensures transaction consistency
  • Full database recovery
    • Restore to selected backup
    • Restore as new database or overwrite existing
  • Point-in-time recovery
    • Restore to minute-level granularity using T logs
    • Restore as new database or overwrite existing

Security and Compliance

API Guide

Known Limitations

  • Maximum of 35 DBs per instance
  • Databases created on mount points are not supported
  • Clumio service limits

Pricing and Availability

Customer Stories

Getting Started Guides

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