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Cole, Scott & Kissane

Legal Eagles Soar in the Cloud

We had put Rubrik in about a year ago. It’s a satisfactory on-prem backup solution. And they had a cloud offer but, when I saw the Clumio solution, I said this is way easier. This is a no brainer.
 Jason Thomas, CIO


CSK, Cole Scott, Cassane, we’re a Ligation firm, and and we operate strictly through state of Florida. We have thirteen offices up and down the state. I am the chief information officer. When they brought me on or brought me on to the firm, they were looking for somebody to help, with their growth strategy from a technology standpoint, as firms have been growing extremely fast over the last, five, six years. And so, as my boss would put it, we, we wanna have a world class technology for a world class firm is is is is how he, how he puts it. That’s that’s my job.

The first problem that I was looking like, how do I get this data?

Outside what we have at our live data than our DR site.

Worst case scenario, something happens, and I’m super paranoid.

Where how can I get this up to the cloud, easy, and easily accessible? But also if we needed to, spin up part of or the entire infrastructure.

And that was the because the long term, I think, we can do away with our physical DR site and host everything up there. I think that’s it’s it’s I mean, you can do it now.

With Clumio, it’s just a very simple, simple interface. It’s, you know, pick a policy, how often you want it backed up, and start backing up. That’s it.

The other compelling factor in my decision to go to Kume was the, affordability. It was the pricing model.

To me, it just it’s just a no brainer. For that, what you get and the protection and the guarantee that you have. I haven’t seen that anywhere. We had put in a Rubrik about a year ago, a backup solution, and wanted to take that and obviously replicate to the cloud. And they had a client option. But when I saw a Cloomia solution, I said, oh, this is my answer.

This is, you know, this is no brainer. This is easy. So really kind of came out of simplicity.


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Their requirements:

  • SaaS based and a good fit for long term cloud strategy
  • Simple and easy to use, improving the team’s efficiency and productivity
  • Affordable and financially flexible, making budget planning more predictable
  • Secure and dependable, ensuring their data is immutable and safe

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