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How LoanBoss keeps customer data safe while simplifying compliance

Our customers make financial decisions based on the data we store, and it would take months of work to recover if something happened to that data.
 Tim Beekley, Director of Site Reliability Engineering, CI/CD

LoanBoss extracts key data from commercial loan documents and uses that data to help customers manage their commercial real estate financing. They needed to ensure this important customer data would be backed up to meet customer requirements as well as to become certified as SOC 2 compliant. Backing up with Clumio made it easy to accomplish both needs, plus it simplified backup management and saved them money.


Tim Beekley, Loan Boss Director: Keeping Financial Data Safe for Real Estate

My name is Tim Beekley. I’m the director of site Reliability Engineering and CI/CD for Loan Boss Inc. Loan boss is a fintech firm. What we do is we allow commercial real estate companies to manage their debt. I’m responsible for making sure that the site stays up and available to our customers.

I know a lot of people say this, but all of our data is business critical. Our customers make financial decisions off the data that we store. It’s a lot of trust that our customers have. Because of the way loan documents are written, they’re non-standardized across the industry. So we have to manually abstract a lot of data from those documents. We’re talking months and months and months of work from our in-house team and our customers, if something would happen to those documents.

Clumio: Perfect Fit! SOC 2, Disaster Recovery, Easy Start

Clumio checked all the boxes that we needed. The SOC 2 compliance, our disaster recovery and it’s really easy to get going.

Simple Compliance

The other big thing was when we went through our SOC 2, that we can now sell to our customers. I actually spent about an hour with our auditors walking through the platform and telling them everything it did and how it worked, and they were really impressed. You really can have something backed up in five minutes and once you get your login and everything to restore instances or restore data is a few clicks.

Customer Support

The other thing is the Clumio customer support has been off the charts. We’ve had some backup failures that were our fault, that Clumio Support team actually reached out to us and said, “Hey, we noticed this failure, what’s going on and can we help in any way,” before we even noticed there was an issue. So that’s huge.

Storage Savings

Clumio helped us reduce our storage bill quite a bit. They have a discover feature which lets you see where snapshots come from, and so we were able to see that we had a lot of orphan snapshots that we were paying storage for. I just go back to, it’s really, really easy to use. All the data, all everything you need is in one spot and you really don’t have to worry about it.


About LoanBoss

LoanBoss provides commercial real estate debt management software that organizes and presents real-time data insight in an understandable, actionable way.