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Terso Solutions

How Terso Solutions modernizes data resilience with Clumio

Terso’s Critical Data Protection Requirement

“Just as Terso helps our customers modernize inventory management, we needed to modernize our backup capabilities with a solution that offered immutability and point-in-time recovery for our Amazon S3, EC2, and RDS workloads. Clumio delivered those needs and further impressed us with its simplicity, helping us bolster business continuity.”
-Joshua Pitts, Senior Cloud Architect

Terso’s Data Security Challenge

Terso, a leading provider of RFID-enabled specialty inventory and supply chain management solutions, had a critical requirement to secure and protect their vast array of data housed within AWS. Spread across numerous EC2 instances, RDS databases, and S3 buckets, their data not only drives their business but is also the lifeblood for their clients’ operations.

Clumio’s Solution

Comprehensive and Resilient

Terso found the modern, resilient, and comprehensive solution they needed in Clumio. The Clumio solution offered Terso an air-gapped backup, creating an added layer of security by isolating their backup data from potential cyber threats.

Enhancing Disaster Recovery with Clumio

This proved to be a crucial factor in Terso’s journey to modernize their disaster recovery solution. With its point-in-time recovery capabilities, Clumio ensured that Terso could quickly bounce back to any desired moment should disaster strike, drastically reducing potential downtime.

Streamlined Restore Processes and Business Continuity

The restore process was also modernized, with a significantly reduced Recovery Time Objective providing Terso with a streamlined path to business continuity.

Clumio’s Role in Data Resilience Management

Lastly, Clumio played a significant role in the provisioning of data resilience as code for Terso. This allowed Terso to programmatically manage their backup and recovery processes, leading to an improved alignment between their data resilience strategy and the dynamic nature of their cloud-based operations.

Clumio’s Impact: Modern, Secure, and Agile Framework

Overall, Clumio’s advanced cloud backup solution provided Terso with a modern, secure, and agile framework for disaster recovery, restore processes, and business continuity, aligning perfectly with their innovative spirit and operational needs.


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