Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 10 Aug 2021

New Innovation Series – Clumio Innovation Never Stops


Sometimes when you are moving so fast, you forget how much amazing stuff is going on around you. It is like when you are driving fast on a road trip and cannot remember passing a city or landmark, but when you get to your destination you reflect back at how truly amazing the experience was.

I had a similar experience during a roadmap session with a customer, when they stated, “I cannot believe how much Clumio has innovated during the last few years,” which caused me to reflect back at all the innovation delivered to customers here at Clumio. While the pandemic has made things very challenging for many companies, we have focused our efforts and saw a 50% increase in productivity to innovate as fast as we can to change the customer experience in the public cloud.

Being a SaaS platform has a ton of benefits, but one of the biggest values is the ability to get innovation in the customer’s hands faster. At Clumio, we run a constant CI/CD pipeline and the innovation train never stops. We release new features every 2 weeks, which keeps us busy, but more importantly, keeps our customers happy with new values they can leverage to protect their data in the public cloud. To catch you up on just the last 6 months, check out all the new products and features we brought to the market in the first half of 2021:

January 2021:

February 2021:

  • Role-Based Access Controls: Assign roles within a Clumio Organizations Unit (OU) for different types of users within your organization.  

March 2021:

  • Transparent Data Access: Restore files and directories directly to the end user, by providing an email and key for download from Clumio directly.
  • Switch from Infinite Scroll to Tables: Infinite scrolling can be painful, so to make life easier, we moved everything to tables with pages.

April 2021:

  • Task Details and Enhancements: See all tasks per function in an easy to understand workflow for every part of Clumio.
  • In-Product Support Ticket Submission: Need support, it is as simple as opening a ticket right in the platform.

May 2021:

  • AWS Public Marketplace Listing: Self-service and easy on-boarding for Clumio Protect and Clumio Discover.
  • Consumption-Based Pricing with Metering and Reporting: Only pay for what you consume, use credits for any service, and roll over credits.
  • AWS Drift Detection and CFT Updates: Determine if your Clumio Connector is out of date and update to the latest version automatically.
  • Self On-Boarding and In-Product Guides: While Clumio is as simple as it gets, we enable customers to on-board themselves and provide product guides to help you along the way.
  • New Navigation and Home Page: Collapsible navigation with an updated home page to quickly navigate to specific reports, data sources, alerts, and our “nerd nook.”
  • Clumio Discover for AWS: Cloud data protection optimization engine with actionable insights.
    • AWS Dashboard: Find total costs, orphaned snapshots, over/under protected assets, and more. 
    • AWS Footprint Analysis: Filters and summary reports of costs, quantity, and capacity for AWS EC2/EBS/RDS/DynamoDB.
    • AWS Footprint History: Filter and group by any metric to see the history of assets, snapshots, and costs.
    • AWS Cost Analysis and Comparison: Compare Clumio Protect vs AWS snapshots only, with filters and discount inputs.
  • Calendar View for Non-Clumio Snapshots: Get faster access and information for AWS generated snapshots.

June 2021:

  • Compromised Credential Detection and Adaptive Authentication: Additional controls for weak passwords, compromised password detection and alerting, and activity monitoring for suspicious login activity.
  • Clumio Code GitHub + Python SDK: Quickly automate Clumio within your existing Python code.

The consistency of this innovation has been happening for years with a ton of industry firsts!  Here is a quick look back at all the innovation we have delivered to customers over the last few years.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these features, please check out the release notes.

To ensure everyone is aware of the continued innovation coming out of Clumio, we decided to keep a rolling journal of all our innovations in a new blog series called “New Feature Fridays,” which will detail new innovations we are releasing monthly!  Please stay tuned and check in often for updates, demos, and a ton more!

Until next time, stay SaaSy my friends!  NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!!