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// 29 Apr 2021

Clumio Protect on AWS Marketplace: Backup-as-a-Service

Chadd Kenney, Vice President of Product

Customers tell us everyday that they are moving so fast to the cloud that it is becoming overwhelming to rationalize all the changes a cloud-first methodology brings to the business. To make matters worse, the pandemic further increased the urgency of a cloud-first methodology – from being an option for staying competitive to becoming table stakes for thriving.

Data is at the center of any enterprise and the last thing any enterprise wants to do is drag the complexity of an antiquated legacy backup solution to the cloud. The public cloud provides some data protection, but snapshots are far from a secure enterprise backup solution. Snapshots are great for operational recovery, but lack critical components to satisfy mid to long-term retention, compliance and data security. Overall, backup is broken in the public cloud.

Our mission at Clumio is to simplify data protection in the cloud and to help customers get faster access to their data when needed. We are excited to announce that Clumio Protect, backup as a service for Amazon EC2, EBS, and RDS, is now available on AWS Marketplace for on-demand access. We are providing everyone $200 worth of free credits to experience it first hand; a service which provides 10X faster restores, 10X better data security, 10X better visibility and compliance, and an infinitely better overall experience.

With the launch of Clumio Protect on AWS Marketplace you can start leveraging AWS to its full potential. Snapshots are not good enough, so if you use AWS snapshots today, you can enhance your experience with:

  • Rapid backup & recovery of AWS services such as EC2, EBS, RDS (all engines) with granular recovery
  • True air-gap & immutable backups that protect from ransomware, hackers and account compromises without snapshot replication
  • Simple life-cycle management with global policies moving from snapshots to air-gap backups
  • Single pane of glass visibility into your data protection plans across accounts and regions
  • 50%+ cost reduction compared to replicating snapshots across accounts

Let’s dig in on how the Clumio Protect experience differentiates from products that only use AWS Snapshots.

Better Visibility:

Backup is all about restoring your data quickly. The last thing you want to do is try to remember all the steps to restore data, or search through thousands of snapshots. Forget about that complexity altogether. Clumio Protect provides a calendar view so you can quickly find the point in time to recover, click on the date, and run through a simple recovery workflow to get your data back

Faster Restores:

Once you find the point in time to restore, finding the data is only as good as the granularity to restore. You may or may not know where to find the data, so having multiple options is key. Snapshots give you one and only one option: restoring the entire instance. But what if you need a file or directory only? With snapshots it takes forever (11 separate steps), plus a ton of trial and error to actually find the needle in a haystack.

Clumio has multiple options to find the data you are looking for, well beyond instance restore. These options include browsing the filesystem, global search and index, and direct query access to restore specific records of RDS. This results in recovering the specific data you need in the most optimum manner, saving both time and cost.

Restoring data is not all about moving bits from one place to another. You might need a file, directory, instance, volume, database, or even a record to be recovered. With Clumio Protect, we give you all the possible granularity for restoring your data, with a simple and intuitive workflow.

Better Security:

With ransomware and data security issues on the rise, backups need to be secured to ensure bad actors cannot jeopardize both your data and your backups. While it is possible to replicate snapshots to another “secure” account and vault them away, the cost associated to do this is twice the cost of the primary backup without any true air-gap protection: If admins have access to the “secure” account, so do the hackers.

With Clumio, you get ransomware air gap and bad actor protection built in, to ensure your backups are always available to be restored in any account to any region. Combine air gap protection with indexing and cataloging of data, and you have a true secure enterprise backup solution.

A New Customer Experience:

Beyond providing access to Clumio via AWS Marketplace, our customers continue to remind us that consumption models of data protection are way too complex, so we decided to change the game. Forget about complex licenses, cloud infrastructure to manage, hidden costs, lack of visibility of pricing and consumption, with minimal support.
“We loved how simple it was to start consuming Clumio’s Protect service from the AWS Marketplace and start protecting our AWS data in just a few minutes,” Joe Alcorn, Manager of Infrastructure Services and Architecture at Point Loma Nazarene University. “Setting up policies as well as getting real-time views into our data protection plans across accounts was quick and easy. There were no additional AWS resources to install or complex upfront sizing required. Clumio Protect’s flexibility and true pay-as-you-go model is exactly what we have been looking for in a backup as a service solution for AWS”.

Clumio provides a completely new customer experience that is:

  • Fair and Flexible – Pay Only For What You Consume with No Over-Provisioning
  • Transparent – No Hidden Fees with Ultimate Visibility on Consumption
  • No Friction – On-Demand or Commitment Contracts With No Setup
  • 100% SaaS – No Complex Cloud Infrastructure to Install or Manage
  • Proactive Support – Self-Healing Backup – Issues Resolve Before You Know It

More details on our pricing model can be found here: Clumio Protect Pricing

Now is the time to evolve beyond snapshots in AWS with Clumio Protect: Backup for Amazon EC2, EBS, and RDS. Please give it a test run with your $200 in free credits! Clumio Protect can be found here:

Till next time, stay SaaSy my friends!