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// 11 Nov 2020

Clumio Access Management: Enabling Secure On-boarding for IT Teams

Chandan Agarwal, Director of Product Management

We all know that authorization and authentication play critical roles in secure enterprise environments. Best practices require that companies ensure that corporate, department and group administrators are only assigned the access they need to help them securely do their job. The trick is always finding the right balance between corporate IT’s desire to lock things down and a department’s or line of business’ need to move fast.

To help meet this need, today we are announcing Clumio Access Management, a new set of secure access management capabilities designed to provide corporate IT with more granular, department and role-based access controls.

Now with Clumio Access Management enterprise IT teams can provision by organizational unit – providing department-level permissions that grant local administrators access to only the specific assets/inventory they have in their department while protecting other business critical resources within Clumio. Available today, phase one of Clumio Access Management delivers:

  1. A simplified experience: Easily configure asset/inventory grouping criteria for department administrators in organizational units. Any future assets that get added to the grouping criteria (like Accounts for AWS or VMFolder for VMware) get assigned to the department administrator in that organizational unit automatically.
  2. Zero trust security: Corporate IT teams in large enterprises or Managed Service Providers no longer need to have credentials of all data sources. They can add their department administrators or tenants respectively and then these administrators can add their respective data sources and ensure that its visibility is restricted to their own department.
  3. Contextual navigation: Corporate IT teams can easily change the context and “view” everything as the department administrator. This helps both the teams to get to the bottom of issues very quickly and resolve them on the fly.
  4. Consistent data protection: Create reference policies that department administrators can use to protect their assets. They cannot modify such policies but they can use this policy to provide consistent data protection across different data sources.

But that’s not all. Future updates to Clumio Access Management will include the ability to create custom and/or pre-defined roles to allow select administrators to manage the actions that organizational unit administrators can perform in the Clumio portal?

These features are specifically designed to address the needs of our large enterprise customers. Enterprise teams are often organized into different business units or departments. These groups have their corresponding infrastructure assigned to them, but there’s usually a corporate IT team responsible for all the data protection needs.

Clumio Access Management now provides Corporate IT teams the ability to securely and easily on-board department administrators and not have to worry about them unknowingly causing any damage to sibling departments or the corporate data. The Corporate IT Team can assign the right authorization and access control permissions to department administrators for them to be successful in doing their job and also ensure that they “see only what they are allowed to”. To learn more about Clumio’s Access Management and the capabilities of organizational units, be sure to check out a demo I recently recorded.