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// 31 Aug 2022

Clumio SecureVault Lite – Now Generally Available

Chadd Kenney, Vice President of Product

Listening to customers as they review their data protection strategy sometimes feels like a play-by-play of a tightrope act at the circus.  It is a constant balancing act between protecting data effectively versus reducing costs and under-protecting their data.  Over-protecting results in cost overages and under-protecting results in increased vulnerabilities ranging from accidental deletions to internal bad actors, to the most painful incidents like external attacks and ransomware.

No one wants to get caught unprotected or vulnerable, but sometimes the budget isn’t always enough to deliver on retention and air gap protection at the same time.  But warnings, regulations, and compliance are bearing down on everyone.

  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) advises enterprises to “Regularly back up data, air gap, and password-protect backup copies offline,” and “Implement a recovery plan to maintain and retain multiple copies of sensitive or proprietary data and servers in a physically separate, secure location.”
  • The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released Appendix J, which created a stringent compliance requirement to protect data in an air gapped fashion: “a data backup architecture limits exposure to a cyber attack and allows for restoration of data to a point in time before the attack began.”
  • Cyber insurance companies are requiring enterprises to prove secondary copies of data exist outside their production access controls before approving policies.

With this pressure, our customers started asking for multiple tiers of backups, so they could get air gap protection and move their data outside their access controls, all without increasing costs, of course.  We thought about the potential levers we have to help customers optimize, while not adding any vulnerabilities. In June we announced the early access program for Clumio SecureVault Lite for Amazon EC2/EBS enabling customers to get air gap backups at no incremental costs compared to EBS snapshots.

This was a huge win for customers, as they could reduce vulnerabilities and get air gap protection, without changing their cost profile.  We upped the game afterwards and announced a 30% Amazon EC2/EBS Protection Guarantee to save customers 30% on your existing EC2 data protection, or we’ll make up the difference.

Clumio has been leading the cloud data protection revolution providing customers air gap protection, outside the customer’s access controls, for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS since 2019.  Today we are excited to announce Clumio SecureVault Lite – the industry’s most cost-effective air gap ransomware service is now generally available for all customers.  With SecureVault Lite, enterprises are no longer faced with the choice between ransomware protection and cost reduction.


Clumio SecureVault Lite for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS key benefits include:

  • 30% cost reduction: Clumio SecureVault Lite EC2 backups and EBS backups are affordably priced at $0.035 per GB* per month, reducing the cost of protecting critical application data by up to 30% compared to SecureVault. This cost optimization enables air gap protection at similar cost as in account snapshots. SecureVault backups can be protected in our out-of-the-production region and recovered to any AWS account.
  • Ransomware and bad actor protection: Clumio SecureVault Lite backups are stored outside of the customer’s AWS account, completely separated from the production environment. Customer data is stored on immutable storage, and is encrypted both at-rest and in-flight, with the ability for customers to bring their own keys. In addition, Clumio provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, access controls for assets and roles, and no delete button.
  • Compliance made easy: Simple and intuitive reports in Clumio Protect and Clumio Discover ensure compliance requirements are met. Additionally, the platform and underlying controls are compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and AICPA SOC.
  • Rapid recovery: Clumio SecureVault is optimized for both backup and recovery. It leverages deep integrations with AWS native services for infinite scale and provides a simple calendar view to find all recovery points. Clumio SecureVault Lite enables enterprises rapid recovery of Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon EBS volumes to any AWS account.

This makes achieving air gap ransomware protection more affordable, to ensure all data is securely protected, no matter what security challenges arise.  To prove this, let’s compare air gap protection options using AWS snapshots vs. Clumio SecureVault Lite.

Clumio SecureVault and SecureVault Lite for Amazon EC2/EBS Comparison

Pricing comparison between clumio vs amazon ec2/ebs


Customers can choose between SecureVault and SecureVault Lite at the policy level, so you can run both at any time and create protection rules to define what is protected at each level.  When configuring a policy you will see the following selection for the backup tier (Standard and Lite):

Clumio Protect for AWS Create Policy Engine

Now that we have discussed the differences and how they are leveraged, let’s review a few real world comparisons with the following assumptions:  

  • Fully ramped
  • List price for both Clumio and AWS
  • 3% average daily change rate
  • 20% monthly change rate
  • 20% annual growth rate


Local Snapshots vs. Clumio SecureVault Lite:

Compared to local snapshots without out of account protection, Clumio SecureVault Lite reduces customers’ cost profile by up to 7% savings, meaning customers protect their data outside their access controls at no additional cost compared to local snapshots alone.

But if you already have out of account protection with snapshot replication or snapshot vaulting, you will see a substantial cost reduction.  Let’s look at that option.

Replicated or Vaulted Snapshots vs. Clumio SecureVault Lite:

Compared to replicated and centralized vaulted snapshots, Clumio SecureVault Lite reduces customers’ cost profile by up to 52%, meaning customers protect their data outside their access controls at half the cost compared to local snapshots alone.


More information about Clumio SecureVault Lite pricing for Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS is available. Clumio Protect is available for the protection of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Microsoft 365, and VMware Cloud on AWS with a 14-day free trial in AWS Marketplace. Stay tuned for more and more innovation from Clumio!


Until next time, stay SaaSy my friends! NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN! 


*See Clumio Pricing for up to date rates ongoing.