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Ransomware Recovery

Turnkey air-gap backup solution that protects your data and reputation

Organizations use AWS snapshots to protect their applications which makes them vulnerable to ransomware

AWS snapshots work well for operational recoveries but fall significantly short when it comes to ransomware protection. Snapshots are created in the same account as the primary data sources and a ransomware attack on the primary account would compromise the snapshots too - leaving no path to file recovery.

Secure, air-gap data protection solution to get you back up and running

Clumio SecureVault stores backups outside of the customer’s security sphere in an air-gap manner that are immutable and cannot be deleted. This ensures hackers or bad-actors cannot compromise the backup copies.
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Guaranteed recovery backups

Backups are air-gapped and immutable, ensuring data, metadata, and catalogs are stored outside your enterprises’ security sphere in separate locations. Data also cannot be altered, so any compromise in the customer environment will not compromise data secured in Clumio SecureVault.

Ultimate security

All data is encrypted both in-flight and at rest. Use our encryption keys or bring your own to ensure you always have control over your data. There is no ability to delete backups in the Clumio user interface, so they are always available when you need them.

Fast, flexible restore

Rapidly restore the data you need without having to recover everything. You can restore at any level of granularity you need — file, directory, volume, database, record, M365 mailbox — to any account or region that is not compromised by an attack. Clumio backups can be restored in minutes.
"One area we looked at was around ransomware protection. In the cloud, we found most [backup] solutions actually protected the data exactly where it came from, which really didn't make sense to us. Clumio's [air gap] really solves the problem of ensuring a safe and secure cloud operating environment."
Defiance Digital Managing Director
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