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Why Data Protection Is Essential for Data Retention

Data protection and retention policies are essential guidelines for how organizations store and protect customer data. User data, website visitor data, and internal enterprise data are all subject to data retention policies that fall under regulations found in policies like the GDPR in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act in the United States, not to mention HIPAA for those in the medical field.

These laws set parameters around the type of data an organization can store and how long they can retain it. They also set forth regulations around the actual security of the data itself. At the end of the day, all entities covered under these laws are on the hook for keeping the data they retain secure.

Unfortunately, this can get overlooked. Organizations are rightly concerned with protecting their own proprietary data, but they should be equally concerned with protecting any third-party data covered by data retention laws


Data Backup Does Not Automatically Equal Data Security

While every organization should be practicing data backup on a daily basis, the mere act of routinely backing up data does not mean it’s secure. Malicious threats like ransomware and malware attacks target the data backups themselves. If these backup copies are left without adequate protection, your organization is not only at risk fora devastating attack by bad-actors, it may fail to comply with data retention polices.

The consequences of such attacks can be severe on all ends—victims of the 10 biggest cyber and ransomware attacks of 2021 experienced ransom demands exceeding $320 million. These attacks spared no industry, as technology, financial services, healthcare, automobile manufacturing, food production, oil and gas, and chemical organizations were all among the victims. Keep in mind that the ransom demands are just some of the troubles that come with losing possession of data. Damage to public reputation, operational disruption, massive legal liabilities, and even class-action lawsuits can all be part of the equation as well.

Organizations wishing to keep backup data secure while ensuring compliance with varying data retention laws should seek out a cloud backup solution that offers both.

Secure Data Protection and Simplified Compliance in One Comprehensive Solution

Clumio is a cloud-native, fully-secured cloud-backup-as-a-service solution that provides organizations of all sizes with automatic data backup and protection, clear transparency into data retention policies, and simplified ongoing compliance management.

Uncompromising Data Protection

Clumio creates instant data backups across your organization and stores them in an encrypted, air-gapped environment outside of the primary account to safeguard it from being compromised by threats like ransomware. This approach ensures your organization will always have a valid backup copy to restore from even if the primary account is compromised.

Streamlined Compliance and Policy Management

Clumio’s simplified user interface provides a single encompassing view of all assets and resources. The platform can also automatically discover Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, index any existing resources, and apply uniform policies to new assets as they are added to backups. Instant alerts are sent any time compliance may be at risk.

Other Clumio features include:

  • ISO 27001, ISO 27701, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS certifications
  • Predictable cloud backup and data storage costs coupled with a Pay-As-You-Go consumption model that allows rollover credits
  • Cost analyzer tools that pinpoint viable opportunities for cloud cost savings

Protect your organization from compliance failures and persistent threats to its data—experience up-close why Clumio the industry’s leading innovator for AWS cloud backup by scheduling a demo today. We’ll show you how your data liabilities and compliance status can be fully protected in less than 15 minutes, without installing new infrastructure or software or conducting any pre-planning beforehand.

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