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Finally, a SQL Server Backup that DBAs Won’t Hate


SQL Server DBAs and IT Ops teams often need to balance database performance and application uptime against necessary backup operations for recovery scenarios. This equation gets more complicated when dealing with SQL Server in the cloud.

Renowned database technologist David Klee, Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux Technologies, shares his insights on the challenges that backup solutions pose to database performance, the concerns he hears most commonly from the community about backup options, and what advice his clients find most useful.

You’ll also learn how to get:

  • Database-level application-consistent backups (including transaction logs)
  • Point-in-time recovery with continuous backups without any database performance impact
  • Air-gapped and immutable backups to safeguard against data loss from bad guys
  • All in a single, affordable, cloud-native solution

Presented by:

David Klee

Founder and Chief Architect, Heraflux Technologies

David is a technologist that works with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to mom-and-pop shops, on the convergence of data, cloud, and infrastructure. He is heavily involved in numerous technology-related communities, and is most passionate about the SQL Server community.

Adam Rusho

Adam Rusho

Field CTO, Clumio

With over 15 years of experience in IT and a special focus on storage and data protection, Adam has seen it all – field engineering, sales, as well as product building. He is a self-starter, mentor and educator, and a market disruptor.