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Building a Culture of FinOps – Tackling Dev Costs


Learn how we reduced our AWS dev spend by over 50% in three months.

Like many companies built on AWS, Clumio has relied upon the benefits of cloud computing to develop, test, and scale features for our platform at a high pace. As we focused on building a best-in-class data protection solution, rising AWS bills seemed to be simply the cost of doing business. However, as market conditions changed over the last six months, our Finance team began to examine ways in which the company could control costs. Since our AWS bill was one of our largest areas of spend, our IT, engineering, and financial operations teams focused efforts there.

Join Clumio’s VP of Finance and VP of Cloud Security to learn how we reduced our AWS dev spend by over 50% in three months, by:

  • Using AWS native tools for insights on control of spend
  • Cleaning up dev accounts responsibly
  • Building team structure and culture around cost optimization
  • Leveraging Clumio technology for even more cost reduction

Presented by:

Glenn Mulvaney

VP of Cloud Operations & Security, Clumio

Glenn is an experienced technology leader with a 20 year history in the Bay area. He has established, scaled, and managed organizations at startups in both consumer and enterprise software markets, and is an experienced consultant and advisor with a focus in information security, compliance programs, and DevOps methodologies.

Brian Kerr

VP of Finance, Clumio

Brian is a finance leader that has also led the sales operation function through two successful IPOs and subsequent acquisitions at stepped-up values.