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How Synerio Put Data Protection on Autopilot

A lot of manual work went into our backups and disaster recovery. We very quickly recognized that we didn’t have the resources as a startup to babysit that.
 Louis Martinez, CIO at Synerio

Synerio realized they were spending too much time managing data protection, and that was taking away from the startup’s focus on building custom platforms that help their customers harness the power of their data. Backing up with Clumio has enabled them to focus on growth, knowing their data is secured in a solution that will grow right along with them.


We saw the results of the proof of concept and how well that went, and how smooth it was and the interactions between both teams. Clumio is just a must have for our environment.

My name is Louis Martinez. I’m the Chief Information Officer for Synerio Technologies based here in Fort Worth, Texas. Our company is an aggregator of data. The thing that we think is unique about our platform is that we can apply many business processes and rules to that data, secure it and ensure an environment that is compliant with very sensitive data, HIPAA type data, health care type data. Health care is our sweet spot today.

The Challenge

Doing backups and really being prepared for disaster recovery, we were all in on AWS and only taking snapshots. There was a lot of manual work that went into it. We very quickly recognized that we didn’t have the resources as a startup to babysit that. We needed to get into an enterprise commercial product that would take care of that and give us a high degree of confidence in what was happening in our backups.

Why Clumio
We looked at Clumio. It was brought to us through one of our technology partners. The proof of concept with Clumio was super fast, super easy. Their technical resources were on top of everything and made it so simple to get started and get agents deployed and have backups up and running literally within a couple of hours, we were connected and ready to go. Within a couple of days, we had our first sets of reports.

Simplicity and value
The price for that kind of enterprise technology, I don’t think that there’s a product out there that could beat it. Clumio is a product that is allowing our infrastructure team to spend less time worrying about the ability to ensure that our assets are recoverable.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind is really what Clumio brings to our enterprise. Anyone who is looking to invest in an enterprise quality backup and recovery and more solution, Clumio is your product.


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With a 40-year heritage in healthcare data management systems and ther innovative data ecosystem as the foundation, Synerio specializes in customized software solutions to help governments and businesses across industries make better decisions and realize new opportunities based on comprehensive and actionable data.