Why Clumio?

Clumio makes cloud data protection simple at any scale.

What Clumio protects


Data lakes

Model training, test and dev data


Customer and user-facing media

Business data

Intellectual property, customer records and nonpublic financials

Sensitive information

Personally identifiable information and medical records


What Clumio helps customers solve

  • Accidental data loss Inadvertent deletions, incorrect data lifecycle policies, and erroneous software deletes
  • Ransomware and cyberthreats Wipeout attacks, malicious scripts, and insider threats
  • Customer SLAs and compliance Uptime, RTO & RPO, retention, ISO, SOC, HIPAA and more
  • Reduce AWS backup costs Uncontrolled data protection cost, high storage spend, and lack of cost visibility

The best of AWS backup tools… still have limitations

  • Poor recoverability
    RTO isn’t all about platform performance, it’s about making human operations simpler. But today’s tools lack simple point-in-time recoveries, and compel customers into bulk restores.
  • High cost
    Non-granular protection (full buckets and snapshots) and mandatory versioning for fast-changing data can quickly balloon costs for AWS customers.
  • Low performance
    Even the best AWS backup tools max out at tens of petabytes, and cannot provide instant recoverability for large datasets.
  • Not safe from threats
    With a complex setup, even simple misconfigurations can expunge entire buckets, and the lack of out-of-enterprise air gap means that data is still not safe from threats.

How Clumio is different

Clumio redefines data protection for the cloud

Radical Simplicity
  • Intuitive protection groups
    Clumio Protection Groups help classify data across buckets, prefixes, and storage classes, and automates discovery and policy assignment for new data.

  • Flexible recovery
    With Clumio, you can simply point to a calendar and restore your data at any granularity, and to any account or region. You can also search to find and restore exactly the object, bucket, prefix, or protection group you need.

  • Proactive support
    Compare Clumio’s AWS Marketplace and G2 ratings with others in its category. You will see that Clumio is unmatched in its customer satisfaction, with raving reviews of Clumio’s predictive support that identifies and resolves over 90% of potential service needs before customers are even aware of a problem. Data Protection should bring peace of mind, and Clumio does exactly that.

Incredible Performance
  • Protect exabytes of data:
    Including S3 buckets of up to 30 billion objects. Clumio is built on decoupled serverless entities that scale dynamically with demand.

  • Get Protected in Minutes:
    Sign up from our website or AWS Marketplace, protect your entire cloud data estate in minutes. Clumio microservices inventory data sources, orchestrate, read, reduce, encrypt, and transfer data in parallel streams. Indexing and verification are auto-scaled, ensuring an industry-leading low RPO of 15 min.

  • Recover Instantly:
    Clumio makes both human and automated operations faster. Global search and calendar views help you quickly identify exactly the data that needs to be recovered, and Clumio’s serverless functions scale out rehydration while running parallel I/O operations across restore blocks, returning you to a fully operational state at top speed.

Architected to Reduce Cost
  • Granular protection:
    Not everything in a bucket needs to be protected. With Clumio, you can protect and recover only and exactly what you need.

  • Details matter:
    With Clumio, there is no fine print. Pay for exactly what you protect, eliminate costs associated with versioning, and store your backups in cold or frozen while still enjoying simple point-in-time recovery.

  • Insights from Clumio Discover:
    Clumio Discover provides insights into hidden data protection costs, intelligently estimates spend and proposes ways to reduce cost.

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