About Clumio

Leading The Way To The Future Of Data Protection

We are moving the game to the cloud! We believe that we can take full advantage of the cloud, that we can engineer a solution that brings all the moving parts together to deliver an experience that is easy, flexible, and secure. By taking the complexity out of backup, we remove a significant distraction to IT and free people to focus on their most strategic work.

Our Vision For Data Protection

We were founded by serial innovators who recognize that the full potential of the cloud is still waiting to be tapped. The cloud’s ability to scale, its flexible economics and its inherent elasticity offers IT a rich foundation for delivering critical services to their organizations. But most approaches to unlock these advantages fall short. Most simply skim the surface, and don’t dive deep into what the cloud truly has to offer. Determined to take full advantage of the public cloud without taking short cuts, we built a platform that focuses on bringing authentic SaaS to solve the challenges of data protection.

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