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// 18 Dec 2023

Clumio wins 2023 InfoWorld Technology of the Year for Cloud compliance and governance

Michael Kwon, VP, Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of data protection, innovation is the key to staying ahead of risks. Clumio has been introducing industry firsts that help customers meet their data resilience and compliance requirements simply and efficiently, and now our groundbreaking technology has earned us the distinction of 2023 InfoWorld Technology of the Year for Cloud compliance and governance.

Clumio wins 2023 InfoWorld Technology of the Year for Cloud compliance and governance

Focusing on Recovery and Resilience

Organizations typically focus cybersecurity measures on preventative technologies. However, companies large and small are still subject to irreversible data loss regularly, whether from a hacked account, accidental deletion, or inside threat. To help combat data loss, Clumio focuses on recovery and resilience. Clumio helps customers not only safeguard their data, but also maintain continuous compliance and governance.

The Innovation Behind Clumio

Clumio’s key innovation is its serverless data processing pipeline. At its core, Clumio is an orchestration engine for serverless functions (akin to Kubernetes, but for functions such as AWS Lambda), which enables it to spin up and down the exact computational resources needed to read changes on customer data with high fidelity. This helps capture ‘time machine’ states of data with extreme granularity. During a recovery or audit, functions are deployed in a massively parallel manner to rapidly query the stored metadata tables and find the exact data that the customer needs to get their operation back up and running.

Architectural Advantages and Performance Metrics

This architectural advantage helps Clumio perform significantly better than its competitors in this space. Clumio backs up data at 10X the scale and 10X the fidelity of competing solutions, and backs up and restores data up to 8X faster.

Clumio’s performance and pace of innovation are the reason customers like Atlassian, LexisNexis, and Warner Bros. Discovery choose us to backup their data. Customers rely on Clumio to provide easy, performant backup and recovery so they can focus on innovation in their core businesses.

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