Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

// 31 Mar 2022

World Backup Day 2022

Poojan Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

Poojan Kumar - Co-founder & CEO - Clumio

I posted the above picture 2 years ago on World Backup Day. The pandemic had just begun. We were all figuring out how to work from home, little did we know that my then newborn would be 2 years old by the time I got back to the office– and that bonding of two years would be memories to keep for a lifetime!

The last two years for my other baby, Clumio, has been nothing short of spectacular either. The company has grown in so many respects and has re-defined public cloud data protection. Clumio has not only highlighted the importance of backup across all services in AWS, including S3, but also highlighted that backup is a key element to a ransomware strategy for any enterprise out there. A real backup needs to be air gapped, outside of the security controls of the enterprise with a third party like Clumio. Now combine that with the fact that the third party is not some offsite tape location, but is really a cloud native SaaS service purpose-built on the cloud for backup; now that’s nirvana. The management of the backup is completely taken over by the simplicity of the SaaS service aka Clumio and the searchability, recovery and compliance is 10x more intuitive, faster and simpler.

In our personal lives, platforms like iCloud and Google Photos have not only solved the backup problem for our precious memories but those platforms have also solved searchability of the data with technologies like face recognition. This problem is very similar and more acute in the public cloud in services like S3, where there is so much data and billions of objects to manage, that not only is searchability hard, it’s even hard to figure out what to backup. And not to mention, the cost can get out of control quickly! There is no backup for Amazon S3 that comes out of the box. It’s the responsibility of the enterprise using the service to do the backup. Durability of data doesn’t mean it’s backed up. Durability doesn’t prevent deletion by accident or ransomware attack, and replication doesn’t do that either. You need a true backup. And with more and more critical data in Amazon S3, it becomes more important to protect it. Clumio is the first true enterprise grade backup for S3. It not only backs up S3 data in an air-gapped service, but also provides the visibility, searchability and ease of recovery for the vast amounts of data sitting in S3.

So for all of you in the enterprise world using services like Amazon S3, or any other service in AWS, you can now sleep peacefully because now your data classification, data backup and ransomware protection is a solved problem. And that is Clumio’s gift to all of you on this day of World Backup Day!