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// 17 Aug 2022

How Cloud-native Data Protection Boosts Your Sustainability Efforts

Briley Johnakin, Commercial Account Executive

You’ve heard the terms before. Sustainable, net-zero, green approach, low carbon footprint, eco-friendly, impact-free. But can we move the needle with the way we store and manage our data? Moving from on-prem to cloud could be one of the greatest contributions to reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

The Grass is Actually Greener in the Cloud

Until very recently, many enterprises were limited by on-prem infrastructure, requiring huge data centers that had to be maintained, cooled, and secured. On top of that, the enterprise-owned server utilization rate is a measly 18%, with the majority of data centers operating at energy efficiency levels below 80%. This underutilization made on-prem ripe for disruption when the cloud came about. The cloud’s on-demand scalability provided companies the ability to optimize utilization rates without the hassle of managing, powering or cooling infrastructure. Considering the benefits, it’s not surprising that the average enterprise on-prem to cloud migration led to a 65% energy reduction and 84% carbon reduction (Accenture, The Green Behind the Cloud). Moreover, AWS is set to power all operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, with a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. They use reclaimed or recycled water for cooling and have embodied carbon in the construction of newer data centers across the globe. And as an AWS recommended partner, Clumio is pushing the boundaries of environmentally sustainable computing with its on-demand hyper-scalable architecture.

Cloud-Native Solutions are Key to Maximize Sustainability

Whether you need to protect your data against ransomware, meet compliance requirements, or recover from data loss; data backups can take up a significant amount of storage space, and increase your infrastructure footprint if done on-prem. Companies must choose carefully if they are conscious of reducing their carbon footprint from their data. Some best practices include going with a cloud-native / SaaS data protection vendor if possible, implementing incremental backups vs full system snapshots, categorizing and auto-archiving data based on criticality and usage, and most importantly, investing in a platform that is architected to scale on demand. If these concerns sound like yours, Clumio can help.

How Clumio Can Help

Clumio is a cloud-native backup solution, architected with a container-based stateless data processing pipeline that leverages efficient Lambda functions. This allows adaptability and efficient scaling to optimize usage based on your exact policies. Having this instantly scalable compute and increased utilization rates can ultimately lead to significant carbon reduction from your data estate, in addition to significantly lower TCO (save your wallet while saving the planet).

See for yourself how the industry’s first cloud-native backup and rapid recovery solution can optimize your business’s sustainability metrics. Schedule a demo and learn how your business can be up and running with Clumio in just 10 minutes — no need to wait for and install new infrastructure and software.