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// 03 Feb 2022

2021 Clumio Innovation Look Back

Chadd Kenney, Vice President of Product

Ever look back and smile at how much things have changed over the past year?  I do this constantly with my kids.  I love seeing how quickly they learn and master skills, but it takes rewatching old videos to truly realize how much they have progressed.  Just as 1 year brings growth in my kids, 1 year in the public cloud brings an ever-evolving series of new technologies, enabling companies to find new ways of bringing value to their customers.  We found that many public cloud customers had plans to build a data protection solution based on native technologies supplied by the public clouds.  They quickly realized that data protection is not part of their company’s core mission, but unfortunately few solutions existed that met their needs.

We spent 2021 listening to hundreds of customers.  We listened to their challenges to determine how we could align our mission to build the best data protection platform, allowing our customers to go back to focusing on their mission.  In 2021, our customers became our design partners helping us push the limits of data protection to deliver new values that enable their success.

Below is a summary of key challenges we heard from customers this year and in turn all the innovations we built to make their lives easier.  This is just a snapshot and there is a ton more innovation to unfold in 2022!

January 2021

  • Restore EC2 as AMI or EBS Volumes: Increasing the flexibility of restores for EC2 allows customers to restore an AMI or EBS volumes separately.  This flexibility comes over and above the advanced flexibility added for EC2 recovery to any account or region.
  • Clumio Protect of Microsoft SQL Server expanded protection to include Microsoft SQL Server across Amazon RDS to now VMware Cloud on AWS providing air gap protection with point in time database recovery to any VM.

February 2021

  • Role and Access-Based Access Controls: expanded the security controls and compliance in the platform with the ability to assign roles within a Clumio Organizations Unit (OU) for different types of users within your organization.
  • Clumio Protect for Microsoft365 SharePoint: expanded support beyond Outlook and OnDrive, with support for Microsoft365 Sharepoint providing the same ransomware and bad actor protection, compliance, and flexible recovery.

March 2021

  • Transparent Data Access: Restore files and directories directly to the end-user, by providing an email and key for download from Clumio directly.
  • Switch from Infinite Scroll to Tables: Infinite scrolling can be painful, so to make life easier, we moved everything to tables with pages.

April 2021

  • Task Details and Enhancements: See all tasks per function in an easy-to-understand workflow for every part of Clumio.
  • In-Product Support Ticket Submission: Need support, it is as simple as opening a ticket right in the platform.

May 2021

  • AWS Public Marketplace Listing: Self-service and easy on-boarding for Clumio Protect and Clumio Discover.
  • Consumption-Based Pricing with Metering and Reporting: Only pay for what you consume, use credits for any service, and rollover credits.
  • AWS Drift Detection and CFT Updates: Determine if your Clumio Connector is out of date and update to the latest version automatically.
  • Self On-Boarding and In-Product Guides: While Clumio is as simple as it gets, we enable customers to onboard themselves and provide product guides to help you along the way.
  • New Navigation and Home Page: Collapsible navigation with an updated home page to quickly navigate to specific reports, data sources, alerts, and our “nerd nook.”
  • Clumio Discover for AWS:Cloud data protection optimization engine with actionable insights
  • AWS Dashboard: Find total costs, orphaned snapshots, over/under-protected assets, and more.
    • AWS Footprint Analysis: Filters and summary reports of costs, quantity, and capacity for AWS EC2/EBS/RDS/DynamoDB.
    • AWS Footprint History: Filter and group by any metric to see the history of assets, snapshots, and costs.
    • AWS Cost Analysis and Comparison: Compare Clumio Protect vs AWS snapshots only, with filters and discount inputs.
  • Calendar View for Non-Clumio Snapshots: Get faster access and information for AWS-generated snapshots.

June 2021

  • Compromised Credential Detection and Adaptive Authentication: Additional controls for weak passwords, compromised password detection and alerting, and activity monitoring for suspicious login activity.
  • Clumio Code GitHub + Python SDK: Quickly automate Clumio within your existing Python code.

August 2021

  • Out of Region Backups for EC2/EBS/RDS – Backup from any region to any data plane in Clumio and restore to any AWS region supported.
  • Infrastructure-less and Agent-less Deployment: Clumio is now 100% infrastructure-free and continues to be 100% agentless! No need to manage EC2 instances, VPCs, ASGs, or even networks. We’re now making full use of AWS’s EBS Direct APIs. While our data recoveries are already the fastest in the business, this change significantly improves the overall experience. Customers will now see up to 3x faster backups and up to 40% faster restore time with speeds up to 350 MB/s per volume!

September 2021

  • DynamoDB Clumio Snap: Clumio adds Amazon DynamoDB as a supported asset type, giving users the ability to view and manage AWS DynamoDB database table backups through Clumio policies. Capabilities of Clumio DynamoDB support include Point-in-time-restore (PITR) by way of configuring continuous backups natively within AWS DynamoDB. Continuous backups allow for PITR for up to 35 days and configurable scheduled and on-demand backups by way of AWS DynamoDB snapshots.
  • Microsoft365 and VMware Cloud on AWS Available on AWS Marketplace: Customers are now able to protect their VMware Cloud on AWS environments, as well as Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint resources directly from the Clumio UI.

October 2021

November 2021

  • Amazon S3 Early Access: early access to the industry’s first data protection solutions for S3, fastest ransomware recovery, lowest recovery time objective to meet any service level agreement.
  • Okta Integration Network: Your Okta administrator can now install the Clumio app directly from the Okta Integration Network. This enables easier SSO configuration and SAML/SSO integration.
  • Clumio Protect of Microsoft SQL Server: expanded protection to include Microsoft SQL Server across Amazon RDS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and inside Amazon EC2 EC2 allowing customers to take advantage of native SQL Server capabilities and continue using their on-premises workflows and licenses.

December 2021

  • Clumio Protection Rules: AWS Protection rules allow you to automate your protection across EC2/EBS, RDS, and DynamoDB assets. Simply define your desired conditions and associated policies, and we’ll take care of the rest!  Protection automation – One Rule can cover all accounts and regions.  Prioritization of created rules – no more tag conflicts!  Rules Preview – Gain full visibility into how newly created rules will impact your environment without committing.  Direct Asset Protection – Apply a policy directly to an asset, regardless of its tags
  • Clumio Protect for Amazon S3: Clumio introduces Clumio Protect for Amazon S3, the industry’s first data protection service for S3 which provides ransomware protection through a logical air gap, simplifies compliance reporting, provides the lowest RTO for business continuity, and optimizes S3 storage costs.

Huge thank you to all our customers throughout 2021 for supporting us and helping us define the values and innovations of Clumio.  Stay tuned for more and more innovation here at Clumio, as we are only just getting started.

Until next time, stay SaaSy my friend! NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!