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Why Cloud Backup Is A Crucial Component of Business Continuity

Business continuity is broadly defined as the ability to maintain mission-critical services so that operations can continue in the event of a disaster, such as a crashed server, data loss, or a malicious attack from a bad actors, e.g. ransomware or malware. Business continuity is a combination of best practices and procedures that keep a business running.

There are multiple levels to a business continuity plan, some of which involve relatively simple factors, like what to do if the main power goes out from a bad storm. However, business continuity in today’s threat-filled landscape can entail much more than just “how do we keep the lights on?”

So, what lies at the heart of a modern business continuity plan? The ability to (quickly) recover and restore data. And cloud backup is at the core of it all.

Cloud Backup and Business Continuity

Cloud backup-as-a-service can now be implemented at the center of any company’s business continuity plan. By using cloud backup, enterprises can mitigate the effects of a disaster event by being able to recover cloud data and keep certain mission-critical data and workloads functioning while the full recovery completes.

In other words, reliable cloud backup is a central component of business continuity. Here are just a few of the benefits gained by using cloud backup for disaster recovery:

  • Automatic backup – Cloud backup can be automated and performed at scheduled intervals to suit your needs. The backup frequency and data types preserved are dependent on the organization’s recovery point objective (RPO) and RTO.
  • Data protection – A reputable cloud backup solution should be able to provide effective data protection that shields it from being compromised or destroyed by threats such as ransomware. Storing backup data in an encrypted air-gap environment—away from the customer’s primary account—effectively safeguards the backups from attack, which in turn protects the organization from any permanent data loss from an attack. Even if an attack occurs, the backup is always safe.
  • Easy data restores – Cloud backup can provide easy data restoration, especially when the solution is equipped with granular recovery to easily pinpoint and restore specific data rather than wait for a full restore to complete, which may otherwise cause disruptions to business continuity.
  • Accessibility – Cloud backup-as-a-service gives IT teams accessibility to data and restores from anywhere in the world — no need to be on premises or use a company network connection.

Ensure Business Continuity with the Industry’s Leading Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is an essential component of disaster recovery for any organization that wants to guarantee business continuity during a disaster event — regardless of severity or type. Built natively in the cloud, Clumio’s backup-as-a-service platform provides businesses with a wide range of backup capabilities and data protection that work cohesively to safeguard mission-critical data and ensure fast restores in the event of data corruption or loss.

With Clumio’s intuitive platform, your enterprise will achieve:

  • Instant backups of AWS data across your entire organization
  • Air-gapped backups to provide protection from ransomware and other malicious attacks
  • Simplified data compliance with global policies
  • Granular, flexible file recovery that lowers RTO
  • Optimized backups and insights into potential cost savings

See for yourself why Clumio is the industry’s leading inovator for AWS cloud backup. Schedule a demo and learn how your business can get up and running with Clumio in under 15 minutes, without the need to install new infrastructure or software, or conduct any meticulous pre-planning beforehand.

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