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Three Reasons You Need Cloud Backup for Business

three reasons you need cloud backup for business

Are you constantly hearing about the need for cloud backup for business but remain unsure of the actual benefits it offers? You’re not the only one.

If you’re using AWS to host your data and workloads, you probably know that your business is responsible for backing up and protecting the data in AWS across every associated account. Fortunately, cloud backup-as-a-service solutions offer an efficient and effective way to do just that.

Here are three benefits your business can gain by leveraging a solid cloud backup-as-a-service solution.

Three Benefits of Using Cloud Backup for Business

1. Simplicity—No New Hardware or Software Required

​​As customers move more of their production workloads to the cloud, a backup solution that can easily scale accordingly is essential. A good cloud backup solution doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to meet data storage protection and backup demands.

Once you’re up and running, your enterprise has instant access to unlimited scalability—without the need to continually spend resources on maintaining cloud resources dedicated to a backup solution. Plus, think about all the things your IT team can focus on now with simplified cloud backup management.

2. Automatic Backup, Business Continuity, Easy Compliance

After you’ve migrated your data and workloads to the cloud, you can then set up automatic backup schedules according to your business’s needs, relieving your team from the need to develop and maintain complex scripts.

This enables a fast and simple backup and recovery process that can be initiated from any location. When data recovery is needed, the user can instantly begin restoring an entire asset instance or identify individual files for an even faster recovery. This ensures business continuity in the event of downtime or an attack that compromises enterprise and customer data.

Additionally, cloud backup-as-a-service provides easier compliance by making it quick and simple to identify and locate particular backup files for fast recovery during audits.

3. Automatic Security Updates Without Disruptions

Security and software upgrades are routinely needed to protect data from emergent and evolving threats like ransomware. Cloud backup-as-a-service solutions typically offer continual security updates that keep up with the latest data threats without causing any disruptions or downtime to the user.

The same goes for the software and interface itself. Cloud backup-as-a-service solutions providers push frequent updates to the backup software to improve everything from efficiency and overall performance to the user experience.

In either case, the business using the cloud backup solution never has to worry about implementing new software updates or wondering if their data is at risk to new threats—another hands-off data protection aspect that is only available with cloud-native solutions.

How Do I Get Started with Cloud Backup for My Business?

Cloud backup is essential for businesses that wish to protect their data, enable faster and more versatile recovery, and ensure a predictable TCO. But how do you get started?

Setting up Cloud backup doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. In fact, you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes with Clumio.

Built in the cloud, for the cloud, Clumio is a cloud-native backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solution for AWS that enables businesses to secure and protect their data and workloads while gaining clear insights into their data protection plans.

With Clumio’s intuitive user interface, your business can:

  • Instantly backup AWS data across your entire organization
  • Protect data in AWS from ransomware attacks and other malicious threats
  • Meet varying data compliance objectives with global policies
  • Lower RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and ensure business continuity in the event of downtime
  • Optimize your backups for potential cost-savings

See for yourself why Clumio is the industry’s leading innovator for AWS cloud backup. Click here to schedule a demo and learn how your business can get started with Clumio in just 15 minutes. No need for new infrastructure or software and no need for any pre-planning beforehand.

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