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Should Your Business Continuity Services Include Cloud Backup?

Business Continuity Services Include Cloud Backup

A business continuity plan  outlines how a business will remain operational in the event of a disruption like a natural disaster or a widespread technical failure. These plans include everything from getting utilities turned back on to establishing lines of communication among staff.

Since a business continuity plan is a complicated endeavor that is highly customized and involves multiple departments, there are a number of business continuity services out there that offer everything from full-service consulting to hands-on assistance when a disaster event strikes.

What Are Business Continuity Services?

Many managed service providers (MSPs) offer business continuity services in several different areas, including:

  • Resiliency models, including data backup and recovery
  • Security risk assessments
  • Crisis management
  • Training and awareness
  • Return-to-office strategies
  • Risk management and insurance coverage
  • Software and Hardware Asset Management
  • IT services

Of course, every business is different and needs will vary. Not all companies will need all of the above services. But in today’s data-centric environment, every business that hosts its applications and workloads in the cloud will need a way to backup and rapidly restore its data in the event of a disaster. This is a component of business continuity that should be integrated into any business continuity conversations you may be having, no matter which services are recommended to you.

Let’s explore why, and how this works in the cloud.

How Does Data Backup—Specifically Cloud Backup—Fit with Business Continuity Services?

Backing up enterprise data has been an important part of business continuity plans for decades, dating back to when businesses stored data on multiple sets of tape copies on-premises. In today’s technology landscape, the amount of data being used on a daily basis has also grown exponentially and the majority of businesses have migrated their applications and workloads to the cloud to leverage its scale and elasticity. This evolution has created a need for cloud backup-as-a-service.

If your organization’s applications are hosted in the cloud, you are better off using a backup solution built specifically for the cloud. When the cloud backup solution is deployed, data is backed up according to a set schedule and then securely stored in the cloud. If an incident occurs that leads to loss, corruption, or, compromise of data — such as a physical disaster or a ransomware attack — the most recent copy of the data backup can be recovered and restored from any location with access to the cloud backup platform.

Data is central to your operations; whether your business has hundreds of physical locations spread across the globe or is an online-based enterprise, the necessity for both cloud backup and rapid recovery remains the same.

Organizations who use an MSP for their data protection should ensure the MSP is using a cloud-native backup solution that can:

  • Back up and store data efficiently
  • Ensure backups are stored outside of primary accounts to protect data from cyber threats such as ransomware
  • Identify, recover, and rapidly restore the most essential data and workloads needed to ensure business continuity

Safeguard Your Data With Secure, Comprehensive Cloud Backup and Rapid Recovery

Clumio’s industry-leading cloud backup-as-a-service platform boasts numerous rapid recovery capabilities —such as granular and flexible recovery — that can identify and restore specific mission-critical data and applications needed to maintain business continuity in order of priority.

In addition to Clumio’s rapid restore capabilities, organizations are also provided with features that include

  • Ransomware protection via air-gapped, immutable backups that are stored away from primary accounts
  • Automated data lifecycle management
  • Clear visibility into snapshot storage for faster, easier compliance
  • Cost analyzers to help reduce unnecessary cloud spend

Cloud backup is an essential business continuity requirement for any organization that has migrated to the cloud. Learn why Clumio is the industry’s leading innovator for cloud backup and rapid recovery by scheduling a demo today. We’ll show you how your business can be up and running with Clumio in just 15 minutes, without the need to install any new infrastructure, software, or conduct any pre-planning beforehand.

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