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Does Your IT Business Continuity Plan Ensure Rapid Data Recovery?

Business continuity plans cover a wide range of operations—from keeping the power on and ensuring internal communication to assigning responsibilities to certain departments. However, in today’s data-centric business landscape, the IT business continuity plan is arguably the most important component in nearly every scenario and business structure.

Why Do You Need an IT Business Continuity Plan?

It’s no secret that data and network infrastructure are at the heart of operations for modern businesses. An IT business continuity plan is crucial to keep an organization operating during a disaster event such as a cloud outage or a malicious cyber attack like ransomware. This is essentially a plan within the larger plan, as it accounts for all things IT-related, ranging from keeping servers online to recovering and restoring lost or stolen data. And during a potentially crippling disaster event, the speed at which you can recover and restore data makes all the difference.

How to Enable Rapid Data Recovery in an IT Business Continuity Plan

While all data is important to an organization, not all data is necessarily equal or mission-critical to maintaining business operations. When disaster recovery is underway, it’s important to be equipped with a way to identify and prioritize restoring specific data sets and workloads over others.

If your organization has migrated to the cloud, know that your recovery abilities ultimately depend on your choice of cloud backup platform.

Restoring whole data and workload instances via cloud backup can be time-consuming and may slow down the speed of recovery, potentially jeopardizing an organization’s Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective parameters and creating a break in business continuity. Rapid data recovery can be achieved with capabilities such as granular recovery, which lets you choose and prioritize specific data and instances for restoration while a full recovery commences, rather than waiting for all enterprise data to be restored, regardless of importance.

Achieve Rapid Restore with Clumio

Clumio’s industry-leading cloud backup-as-a-service provides enterprises with all the tools necessary to ensure rapid data restores during a disaster event. With capabilities such as granular recovery, flexible recovery, and global search, Clumio allows users to pinpoint specific mission-critical data and workloads to restore first, along with the ability to instantly restore from any regions that are unaffected by the outage or disaster.

Other features include:

  • Instant backups of AWS data across your entire organization
  • Air-gapped backup storage to provide protection from ransomware and other malicious attacks
  • Simplified data compliance with global policies
  • Optimized backups and insights into potential cost-savings

Your business can get up and running with Clumio in under 15 minutes, without the need to install new infrastructure or software or conduct any meticulous pre-planning beforehand. Learn why Clumio is the industry’s leading innovator for AWS cloud backup and see what it can do for your organization by scheduling a demo today.

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