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What CISOs Need to Think About This World Backup Day


This year is shaping up to be a defining year for the future of privacy, security, and data management. The codification of privacy is transforming how businesses are expected to operate. Month over month more legislation is being introduced, and with new changes coming this year (CCPA, NYDFS, SEC, Federal Laws), CISOs and security teams need to be prepared to handle those changes, including having a clear understanding of how they impact business strategy, and how to continue creating business opportunities while navigating changing regulations.

Join Clumio’s Field CISO on World Backup Day 2023 to hear his recommendations on:

  • How to stay ahead of the 2023 regulatory landscape
  • How to balance data availability against the right to be forgotten
  • Must-have features of a modern backup solution
  • Steps to take to reduce data protection costs in the cloud

Presented by:

Jacob Berry

Field CISO, Clumio

Jacob’s background is in Cyber Security and Technology, focused on helping customers build secure cloud operating environments. He has extensive experience in offense and defense security, security operations, and working across multiple verticals in both private and public sectors.