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Streamline Compliance with AWS CloudTrail Lake and Clumio


Audit logs are an indispensable tool in the security team’s toolset. AWS has solved a major challenge teams were having with disparate logs that made it difficult to manage compliance requests. The new AWS CloudTrail Lake aggregates audit logs in a central location that makes it easier to analyze and query events to aid in compliance auditing and security investigations.

In this webinar with AWS & Clumio, we explain how the newly launched PutAuditEvents API for AWS CloudTrail Lake enables you to capture user activity information and events from your Clumio environment alongside the AWS systems you are protecting. Learn how enabling this integration will help you easily answer many security and compliance-related questions, such as:

  • When was a particular user given the Admin role for backups?
  • When was the backup policy changed?
  • Does the change appear accidental?
  • Who is browsing sensitive information in the backups?
  • When was a new Amazon S3 bucket added to a protection group?

Presented by:

Suchita Verma

Sr. Product Manager, CloudTrail, AWS

Suchita has been with AWS for almost three years as a senior product manager. She is enthusiastic to share the recent release from CloudTrail Lake with the market.

Adam Rusho

Adam Rusho

Field CTO, Clumio

With over 15 years of experience in IT and a special focus on storage and data protection, Adam has seen it all – field engineering, sales, as well as product building. He is a self-starter, mentor and educator, and a market disruptor.