Clumio announces $75M Series D and 4X YoY growth in ARR

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Shields Health Invests in Building Their Business, Not Their Backup


Join key decision makers from Shields Health, Clumio and Converge as they share insights on making the move to the cloud, the criticality of protecting your data, and how to decide on buy vs build for your business.

When Shields Health selected Converge as their AWS migration partner they needed to ensure their workloads were protected from ransomware and accidental deletions. They quickly recognized the need for a data protection solution that offered the security of air-gapped, immutable backups and the agility of cross-region recovery.

Converge utilized their expertise in cloud architecture and design to introduce Shields Health to a backup solution that would allow them to focus on their core business initiatives versus building their own cloud backup solution. The Clumio SaaS solution provided Shields Health with a data protection product that was purpose built for cloud and removed much of the administrative burden associated with backups.

Our experts:

  • Richard Jussaume, DevOps Manager, Shields Health
  • Steven Bogar, DevOps Engineer, Shields Health
  • Paul Ward, Cloud Solution Architect, Converge Technology Solutions
  • Joe Ferguson, Cloud Sales Engineer, Clumio