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Rehosting Windows Workloads in AWS - SQL Server Considerations


Organizations that are migrating Windows workloads powered by SQL Server to AWS are faced with a number of licensing and architectural questions. As IT teams strive to minimize disruption and reduce operating costs, it’s tempting to take the easiest path with the least number of steps. But there are some steps that should not be skipped, to ensure a smoother path to future growth and harness the power of cloud.

Join an AWS databases expert and a Clumio data protection specialist as they share best practices to follow when rehosting Windows workloads in AWS, particularly monolithic applications backed by SQL Server. Find out how to:

  • Tweak existing architecture to optimize costs while running in AWS
  • Protect data from user error and external threats
  • Tune performance of SQL Server backups in Amazon EC2 to eliminate any impact to production applications
  • Recover quickly in the event of data loss

This is part one of a two-part series covering best practices for hosting SQL Server on AWS. See also part two: Life After Rehosting Windows Applications in AWS

Presented by:

Rasheed Abdul

Product Leader, App Modernization, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rasheed is passionate about business and numbers. He is a recovering engineer who ventures into all things business – Product Management, Product Marketing and Strategy. Rasheed is currently building application modernization tools and services for AWS that makes use of low code automation powered by heuristics and AI.

Adam Rusho

Field CTO, Clumio

With over 15 years of experience in IT and a special focus on storage and data protection, Adam has seen it all – field engineering, sales, as well as product building. He is a self-starter, mentor and educator, and a market disruptor.