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RDS backup costs too much, what can I do?


Amazon RDS provides the foundation for modern applications, bringing the benefits of cloud to relational databases. And while RDS databases are simple to use and easy to manage, long-term retention of RDS data can be a hassle. This is especially true for customers in regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing, which often need to retain data for years due to compliance requirements.

The options are not great: Long-term retention of RDS snapshots is prohibitively expensive, and archiving snapshots to S3 Glacier slows down restores, lacks compliance visibility, and can create tech debt over long periods. Moreover, neither option provides any auditability into the security and compliance posture of the data.

Clumio offers a better way. With a purpose-built solution for long-term RDS data retention, Clumio helps customers:

  • Slash their long term backup costs by up to 89% (yes, really)
  • Reduce staff time on backup, recovery, and audit tasks
  • Add an extra layer of protection by “air gapping” at no extra cost

Presented by:

Harold Kim

Cloud Engineer, Clumio

Harold is a builder who’s passionate about early stage startups, engineering solutions for customers, and serverless computing using AWS.

Bhaskarjyoti Bora

Principal Engineer, Clumio

Bhaskar is a cloud enthusiast at Clumio, innovating secure cloud-native backup-as-a-service.